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 Guidelines on using Interswitch ATM/Debit Card


InterSwitch Naira Online PaymentInterSwitch  ATM/Debit Card

a.   You can now securely Pay Online from the comfort of your home, office or cafe with any ATM Card or Debit Card with the InterSwitch logo, like the cards on the right.

b..  To pay online with your InterSwitch ATM or Debit Card, you will need your Card Number and Expiry Date which are both displayed in the front of your card, and your secret PIN Number, the same PIN number that you use at the ATM machine.
InterSwitch ATM Card

Please note that we never collect ATM Card or Debit Card information from this site. The page/frame that collects customer card data is delivered by InterSwitch via Guaranty Trust Bank’s GTPay Platform. This assures additional security for card-holder. So shop with confidence on