The Derivative Markets: Structure, Characteristics And Practice

Author: Prof. Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi
ISBN-10: 9783542427

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The phenomenal growth of derivative markets across the globe indicates their impact on global financial scene. As the securities markets continues to evolve, market participants, investors and regulator are looking at different way in which the risk management and hedging needs of investors may be effectively met through the derivative instrument. While accepting that derivatives provide a very powerful tool for risk management, it is being recognized that derivatives markets present market participants and regulators with different and complex regulatory and control issues which must be adequately addressed if derivatives markets are to gain and maintain investor confidence, and if systematic risk is to be contained. Consequently, the approach in the book is to start with the assumption that the reader knows nothing about the subject and then, step by step, reach a level where he has a comprehensive picture of the nature functions and uses of each derivative security. Indeed, the merit of this book is that it gives the reader a fairly complete idea about the functioning of the whole set of financial and non-financial derivatives as well as all the markets for short-term (and long-term) financial instruments. It is therefore hope that the book will be useful to those members of university and college faculties whose teaching and research interests lie in the area of management, banking, finance and economics. It may also serve as a reference or supplementary text in graduate and post courses in the identified areas. Further it can be expected to be useful for corporate researchers or financial officers in their understanding of the operations of the derivative markets. However, the depth with which we explore the practice of derivatives markets also makes the book appropriate for every rational investor, including those on the sales and trading side.
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Language: English
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Publisher: Quantitative Economic Research Bureau
Publication Date: 1st January 1970
ISBN-10: 9783542427
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Author: Prof. Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi

Prof. Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi was born in the year 1966 to a Christain religious family of Osumenyi town of Anambra State, Nigeria. He is about six feet in height and dark complexioned. On the completion of pre-primary, primary and advanced level education, proceeded to the universities to obtain various degrees. Since graduation, He has been lecturing, researching and publishing in various universities in the world. Professor Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi is a world renowned economist and distinguished African scholar. He is member of the Advisory Council of the Global Financial Forum, Switzerland and a visiting professor of Economics (econometrics) at Bingham University, Abuja , Nigeria. He is an alumnus of University of Warwick, University of Ibadan and University of Nigeria. A prolific writer, Prof. Nwaobi has several books and numerous research articles published in books and reputable journals (electronically), with research interests in computational economics, macro econometrics and Mathematical economics. He is also considered as one of the best two hundred young economists in the world. In 2012, Prof Nwaobi was one of the world (African) sponsored delegates at the German organized seventh annual e-learning Africa Conference. His most recent book is entitled “Modern Econometric Modeling For Developing Economies’ III”. His recent positions include Professor of Economics and Head of Department of Economics, Kogi State, Nigeria, West Africa.

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