Harness the Future: The 9 Keys to Emerging Consumer Behaviour

Author: Shirley Roberts
ISBN-13: 9780471642350
No of pages: 304 pages

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It’s not news to anyone in business that the rules of the game are changing faster than ever before, and so are patterns of consumer behaviour and spending. Rapid change on many fronts means that power has shifted away from businesses and into the hands of consumers: Globalization and technology have increased consumers’ buying options and knowledge, and have intensified competition. Technological advances have raised quality standards, increased consumers’ expectations, and lowered product differentiation. Demographic shifts that go well beyond ageing baby-boomers are significantly influencing the market place. But just how do you identify all the factors that have a significant influence on consumer buying behaviour in a rapidly changing world? And — more importantly — what do you do about them in your own business? Harness the Future shows how to paint a comprehensive picture of your customers by examining trends in nine key areas: Economy Technology Globalization Government Environment Demographics Consumer Psyche Wellness Retailing But beyond telling about the way things are and will be, Harness the Future also shows you how to predict and profit from changing consumer behaviour. Shows how to track and analyze the trends that affect your own business. Identifies emerging trends to help you understand consumer behavior in the future. Provides valuable strategies, planning tools, and business-building ideas. Features examples of trailblazing companies that are using these techniques to harness their future.
Preface Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Power Shift to Consumers A History Lesson The Mass Era End of the Mass Era Change Driven By Technology Moving Into Uncharted Waters Record Profits But Not Growth Real Innovation is Essential The Challenge of the Changing Consumer Trailblazers What You Can Do Chapter 2: Introduction to Econographics Unlocking the Mysteries About Consumers The Nine Key Drivers The Predictive Model An Example of How Econographics Works Trend Leveraging Trend Analysis Conclusion Chapter 3: Trend Tracking and Trend Leveraging Introduction What Is a Trend? Roadblocks to Using Trends Who Should Track Trends? The Trend-Leveraging Process The Trend Indicators that Need to Be Tracked How to Find and Organize the Information The Six Types of Changes Review and Analysis Turning Trends Into Predictions How to Do Trend Leveraging Trend-Leveraging Reports The Trend-Leveraging Work Session Conclusion Chapter 4: Economy Introduction Trend 1: The Gap Will Widen between Winners and Losers Trend 2: The Economy Will Grow and Inflation Will Remain Dormany Trend 3: Standardized Work Will Decline Trend 4: Female Influence Will Increase Trend 5: Workers Will Become More Educated Conclusion Chapter 5: Technology Introduction Trend 1: The Microprocessor and Humans Will Form an Inseparable Bond Trend 2: Digital Networks Will Drive Disintermediation Trend 3: Technological Change Will Shroten Product Life Cycles Trend 4: Technologies Will Converge Trend 5: Wireless Technological Advances Will Increase Access to Information Conclusion Chapter 6: Globalization Introduction Trend 1: Expansion of Trade Will Open Up New Markets Trend 2: Global Market Forces Will Intesify Competition Trend Analysis Trend 3: Stronger Global Linkages Will Create a Far-More-Connected World Conclusion Chapter 7: Government Introduction Trend 1: The Role of Government Will Shift Trend 2: Global Competition Will Force Governments To Sacrifice Social Spending Trend 3: Globalization and Technology Will Make Tax Revenues Harder to Collect Conclusion Chapter 8: Environment Introduction Trend 1: Environmental Abuse Will Remain a Serious Problem Trend 2: Environmentalism Will Become a Way of Life Conclusion Chapter 9: Demographics Introduction Trend 1: Ethnic and Regional Diversity Will Grow Trend 2: Family Structures Will Be More Diverse Trend 3: The Population Is Ageing Trend 4: Life-Cycle Stages, Lifestyles and Attitudes Will Be Less Influenced by Chronological Age Conclusion Chapter 10: Consumer Psyche Introduction Trend 1: Spirituality and Human Reconnection Will Be Sought Trend 2: A Higher Quality of Life Will Be Pursued Trend 3: The Desire for New Experiences and Innovation Will Grow Trend 4: Shoppers Will Become More Impatient and Demanding Trend 5: Consumer Vigilance For Value Will Grow Conclusion Chapter 11: Wellness Introduction Trend 1: Medical Science Advances Will Continue to Improve the Quality and Length of Lives Trend 2: The Incidence of Disease Will Increase Trend 3: Complementary and Alternative Medicines Will Become More Popular Trend 4: Self-Health Care Will Flourish Trend 5: A Health Lifestyle Will Become the New Miracle Drug for Longevity and Disease Prevention Conclusion Chapter 12: Retailing Introduction Trend 1: Fewer, Clearly Differentiated Retail Chains Will Survive Trend 2: Local Community Retailers Will Grow Trend 3: Non-Store Retail Environments Will Grow Trend 4: The Lines of Competition Will Continue to Blur Between Types of Retailers Trend 5: The Lines of Competition Will Increasingly Blur between Retailers and Manufacturers Trend 6: Technological Advances Will Allow Retailing to Become Truly Consumer-Driven Conclusion Chapter 13: How to Market Profitably to Tomorrow’s Consumer Introduction Nine Traits of Tomorrow’s Consumer Nine Key Strategies for Tomorrow’s Consumer Conclusion Appendix: Tomorrow’s Growing and Declining Market Sectors Index
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
No of pages: 304 pages
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 1st January 1970
ISBN-13: 9780471642350
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Author: Shirley Roberts

Shirley Roberts is the founder of Market-Driven Solutions Inc., a consumer strategy and research consulting practice that specializes in the consumer goods and services industries. She focuses on helping client companies understand emerging consumer trends and their business implications. Her clients include Nabisco Ltd.; Kitchens of Sara Lee; Scott's Food Service, KFC Division; and Quadrant Cosmetics Corporation. Prior to starting her own consulting practice, Shirley Roberts spent fifteen years as a marketer in the packaged goods industry with Colgate-Palmolive, The Borden Company, Nabisco Brands, and Maple Leaf Foods, rising to the director of marketing level. She also spent two years as a senior consultant with Tandem International, a marketing and sales consulting firm. Shirley is a graduate of The Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. She speaks and writes frequently on the topic of consumer trends.

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