Oceanography and marine science

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Ocean Circulation
The interaction between ocean circulation and climate change has been an active research frontier in Earth sciences in recent years. Ocean circulation, and its related geophysical fluid dynamical principles, are now taught at graduate level in many Earth and atmospheric science departments. This is ..
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The Equations of Oceanic Motions
Modeling and prediction of oceanographic phenomena and climate is based on the integration of dynamic equations. The Equations of Oceanic Motions derives and systematically classifies the most common dynamic equations used in physical oceanography, from large scale thermohaline circulations to those..
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Changing Sea Levels
Flooding of coastal communities is one of the major causes of environmental disasters world-wide. This textbook explains at a basic level, how sea levels are affected by astronomical tides, by weather effects that generate extreme flooding events, and over the longer term by ocean circulation and cl..
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Gravity Currents
This book comprehensively describes all aspects of gravity flow, a physical process in the environment that is covered by many different disciplines, including meteorology, oceanography, the earth sciences and many industrial processes. No other book covers a similar range of information. This secon..
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The Ocean: Our Future
The Ocean: Our Future is the official report of the Independent World Commission on the Oceans, chaired by Mário Soares. This book is the first to deal holistically in a single volume with the full range of problems confronting our oceans on the eve of the twenty-first century. In the space of only ..
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Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Earth's atmosphere and oceans exhibit complex patterns of fluid motion over a vast range of space and time scales. These patterns combine to establish the climate in response to solar radiation that is inhomogeneously absorbed by the materials comprising air, water, and land. Spontaneous, energetic ..
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Discrete Inverse and State Estimation Problems
The problems of making inferences about the natural world from noisy observations and imperfect theories occur in almost all scientific disciplines. This book addresses these problems using examples taken from geophysical fluid dynamics. It focuses on discrete formulations, both static and time-vary..
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Sounds in the Sea
Underwater acousticians and acoustical oceanographers use sound as the premier tool to determine the detailed characteristics of physical and biological bodies and processes at sea. Sounds in the Sea is a comprehensive and accessible textbook on ocean acoustics and acoustical oceanography. Chapters ..
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The Dynamics of Coastal Models
Coastal basins are defined as estuaries, lagoons, and embayments. This book deals with the science of coastal basins using simple models, many of which are presented in either analytical form or Microsoft Excel or MATLAB. The book introduces simple hydrodynamics and its applications, from the use of..
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Baroclinic Tides
When an oceanic tidal wave that is primarily active on the water surface passes an ocean shelf or a region with a seamount, it is split into a less energetic surface wave and other internal modes with different wavelengths and propagation speeds. This cascading process, from the barotropic tides to ..
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This 2009 volume provides researchers, students, practising engineers and managers access to knowledge, practical formulae and new hypotheses for the dynamics, mixing, sediment regimes and morphological evolution in estuaries. The objectives are to explain the underlying governing processes and synt..
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Marine Turbulence
This 2005 book gives a comprehensive overview of measurement techniques and theories for marine turbulence and mixing processes. It describes the processes which control the mixing of greenhouse gases, nutrients, trace elements, and hazardous substances in our oceans and shelf seas - from local to p..
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