Geochemistry and environmental chemistry

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This authoritative volume reviews the environmental chemistry and toxicological effects of a marine pollutant of exceptional potency, tributyltin (TBT), and outlines the international response to control TBT. TBT compounds have been widely utilized in marine anti-fouling paint formulations to obtain..
₦ 15,831
The Chronologers' Quest
The debate over the age of the Earth has been ongoing for over two thousand years, and has pitted physicists and astronomers against biologists, religious philosophers against geologists. The Chronologers' Quest tells the fascinating story of our attempts to determine the age of the Earth. This book..
₦ 13,600
The Carbon Cycle
Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is imperative to stabilizing our future climate. Our ability to reduce these emissions combined with an understanding of how much fossil-fuel-derived CO2 the oceans and plants can absorb is central to mitigating climate change. In The Carbon Cycle, leading sci..
₦ 17,425
The Surface Waters Acidification Programme
This volume presents the results of a major international and interdisciplinary study of the mechanism and consequences of surface water acidification, which is a growing environmental problem. This detailed, long-term study provides an authoritative overview of the chemical process involved in acid..
₦ 23,481
Thermodynamics of Natural Systems
Thermodynamics deals with energy levels and the transfer of energy between states of matter, and is therefore fundamental to all branches of science. This edition provides a relatively advanced treatment of the subject, specifically tailored for the interests of the Earth sciences. The first four ch..
₦ 19,975
Isotope Geology
Radiogenic and stable isotopes are used widely in the earth sciences to determine the ages of rocks, meteorites and archeological objects, and as tracers to understand geological and environmental processes. Isotope methods determine the age of the Earth, help reconstruct the climate of the past, an..
₦ 18,700
Quantitative Thermochronology
Thermochronology, the study of the thermal history of rocks, enables us to quantify the nature and timing of tectonic processes. Quantitative Thermochronology is a robust review of isotopic ages, and presents a range of numerical modeling techniques to allow the physical implications of isotopic age..
₦ 28,262
Radiogenic Isotope Geology
Modern isotope geochemistry is a rapidly expanding field that has a part to play in a broad range of earth and planetary sciences - from extra-solar system processes to environmental geoscience. this new edition of a popular textbook is completely updated and places more emphasis on the uses of radi..
₦ 21,569
Thermodynamics of the Earth and Planets
This textbook provides an intuitive yet mathematically rigorous introduction to the thermodynamics and thermal physics of planetary processes. It demonstrates how the workings of planetary bodies can be understood in depth by reducing them to fundamental physics and chemistry. The book is based on t..
₦ 21,250
Safety Techniques for Radioactive Tracers
This 1958 book sets out the elementary precautions to be taken by anyone handling radioactive isotopes in laboratories. The introductory sections explain the types of radiation encountered, and enumerate the possible dangers from external sources, accidental ingestion and contamination of the body. ..
₦ 9,453
Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling
This book provides a comprehensive overview of reaction processes in the Earth's crust and on its surface, both in the laboratory and in the field. A clear exposition of the underlying equations and calculation techniques is balanced by a large number of fully worked examples. The book uses The Geoc..
₦ 15,191
Acidification of Freshwaters
First published in 1987, this book examines the numerous interacting physical, chemical and biological processes which regulate the acidity of freshwaters. Natural acidification processes are considered first, the the effects of acidifying pollutant inputs from the atmosphere and of other human acti..
₦ 9,453