Atmospheric science and meteorology

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Atmospheric Thermodynamics
This textbook presents a uniquely integrated approach in linking both physics and chemistry to the study of atmospheric thermodynamics. The book explains the classical laws of thermodynamics, focuses on various fluid systems, and, recognising the increasing importance of chemistry in the meteorologi..
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The Art and Science of Lightning Protection
A lightning strike to an unprotected object or system can be disastrous - in the United States lightning is responsible for over 30% of all electric power failures, causes billions of dollars' worth of property damage, and an average of 85 fatalities a year. This accessible text describes all aspect..
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Originally published during the early part of the twentieth century, the Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature were designed to provide concise introductions to a broad range of topics. They were written by experts for the general reader and combined a comprehensive approach to knowledge with ..
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Parameterization Schemes
Numerical weather prediction models play an increasingly important role in meteorology, both in short- and medium-range forecasting and global climate change studies. The most important components of any numerical weather prediction model are the subgrid-scale parameterization schemes, and the analy..
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Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics
Fluid dynamics is fundamental to our understanding of the atmosphere and oceans. Although many of the same principles of fluid dynamics apply to both the atmosphere and oceans, textbooks tend to concentrate on the atmosphere, the ocean, or the theory of geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD). This textboo..
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Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere
This textbook is written for graduate students and researchers in meteorology and related sciences. While most meteorological textbooks only present equilibrium thermodynamics, this book also introduces the linear theory of non-equilibrium and provides the necessary background for more advanced stud..
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Air Composition and Chemistry
This book is about the atmosphere and mankind's influence on it. Although air chemistry is probably one of the oldest branches of chemistry, it is now the focus of considerable public interest. The second edition of this extremely popular text has been rewritten and all information updated, to keep ..
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Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics
Motion is manifest in the atmosphere in an almost infinite variety of ways. In Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics, Dr Richard Lindzen describes the nature of motion in the atmosphere, develops fluid dynamics relevant to the atmosphere, and explores the role of motion in determining climate and atmosphe..
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Monsoon Dynamics
This volume presents a survey of our state of knowledge of the physical and dynamical processes involved in the Asian monsoon. Although traditionally the main emphasis has been on the study of the atmospheric component, it has long been known that the oceans play a vitally important part in determin..
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Lightning: Physics and Effects is the first book that covers essentially all aspects of lightning, including lightning physics, lightning protection and the interaction of lightning with a variety of objects and systems as well as with the environment. It is written in a style that will be accessibl..
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Remote Sounding of Atmospheres
When this book was first published in 1984, the technique of remote sounding was growing rapidly in importance as a means for studying the structure, climate and weather of the atmospheres of the Earth and planets. Measurements from Earth satellites and interplanetary spacecraft proved particularly ..
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Storms in Space
Storms in Space is the story of the mysterious region between Earth and the Sun, where violent storms rage unseen by human eyes. Disruption of spacecraft and satellites, television transmission failures and power blackouts are just a few of the effects of this powerful force of nature, caused by the..
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