Geomorphology and physical geography

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Sandstone Landforms
Sandstones form the backdrop to some of the world's most spectacular scenery, and are found all over the planet and in all climates. Following on from the authors' successful 1992 book, this is the only volume that considers sandstone landforms from a truly global perspective. It describes the wide ..
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The Life and Correspondence of William Buckland, D.D., F.R.S.
First published in 1894, this biography details the life of renowned geologist William Buckland (1784–1856) who, along with Sedgwick and Lyell, was one of the pioneers of modern geological inquiry. While he is better known for attempting to correlate his geological findings with the Old Testament, B..
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Wind as a Geological Process
This book gives an account of geological aspects of windblown material. Aeolian processes play an important role in modifying the surface of the Earth, and they are also active on Mars. Additionally, they are thought to occur on Venus and possibly Titan as well. The authors describe the following as..
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Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology
Written for undergraduate students studying coastal geomorphology, this is the complete guide to the processes at work on our coastlines and the features we see in coastal systems across the world. Accessible to students from a range of disciplines, the quantitative approach of this book helps to bu..
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Wind as a Geomorphic Agent in Cold Climates
Wind erosion and deposition are important factors in cold climates because of the open space and scarce vegetation. Aeolian processes connected with sand drift in polar environments are similar to those in deserts but in cold environments, frost and snow also play an important role. The Arctic is ch..
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Beaches and Dunes of Developed Coasts
This volume discusses the role of humans in transforming the coastal landscape. The book details the many ways beaches and dunes are eliminated, altered and replaced and the differences between natural landforms and the human artefacts that replace them. Emphasis is placed on the importance of retai..
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This textbook provides a modern, quantitative and process-oriented approach to equip students with the tools to understand geomorphology. Insight into the interpretation of landscapes is developed from basic principles and simple models, and by stepping through the equations that capture the essence..
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Earth's Glacial Record
Glacial deposits provide a long-term record of climate and sea level changes on Earth. Detailed study of sedimentary rocks deposited during and immediately after glacial episodes is paramount to accurate palaeoclimatic reconstructions and for our understanding of global climatic and eustatic changes..
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The Quaternary History of Scandinavia
During the Quaternary Period, Scandinavia's mountains were the source for repeated glaciation that covered much of eastern, central and western Europe. With a particular emphasis on Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, this text describes how these glaciations, and their intervening warmer stages, a..
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Earth's Pre-Pleistocene Glacial Record
The papers within these volumes were compiled between late 1978 and early 1980, from data on tillites and tillite-like rocks. The research was conducted for the Pre-Pleistocene Tillite Project of the International Geological Correlation Programme, and was first published in volume form in 1981. In t..
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Coastal Evolution
The shoreline is a rapidly changing interface between the land and the sea, where much of the world's population lives. Coasts are under threat from a variety of natural and anthropogenic impacts, such as climate or sea-level change. This book assesses how coastlines change, and how they have evolve..
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World Geomorphology
World Geomorphology deals with the large-scale relief features of the earth and shows how these are related to the major segments of the earth's crust known as lithospheric plates. The aim of the book is to convey an understanding of the earth's major relief features and to present a subdivision of ..
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