Earth and environmental science

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After the Earth Quakes: Elastic Rebound on an Urban Planet (Hardcover)
Earthquakes rank among the most terrifying natural disasters faced by mankind. Out of a clear blue sky-or worse, a jet black one-comes shaking strong enough to hurl furniture across the room, human bodies out of bed, and entire houses off of their foundations. When the dust settles, the immediate af..
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A fascinating look into America's attempts to control its weather The first general history of weather in American lifeThis revealing book synthesizes research from many fields to offer the first complete history of the roles played by weather and climate in American life from colonial times to th..
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This is an introductory text on numerical weather prediction (numerically modelling the general circulation of the atmosphere), utilizing the spectral transform method. The book covers finite difference methods and time-differencing schemes; the theoretical development of the spectral transform meth..
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Applied Stochastic Hydrogeology (Hardcover)
Stochastic hydrogeology, which emerged as a research area in the late 1970s, involves the study of subsurface, geological variability on flow and transport processes and the interpretation of observations using existing theories. Lacking, however, has been a rational framework for modeling the impac..
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Boundary layer meteorology is the study of the physical processes that take place in the layer of air that is most influenced by the earth's underlying surface. This text gives an uncomplicated view of the structure of the boundary layer, the instruments available for measuring its mean and turbulen..
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The first comprehensive treatment of the physics of atmospheric convection Includes exercises to test the understanding of phenomena and illustrate techniques Includes practical exercises after each chapterAtmospheric Convection is a scientifically rigorous description of the multitude of convec..
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Second edition of Goody's classic workEarth, like the other inner planets, receives virtually all of its energy from space in the form of solar electromagnetic radiation. The Earth's total heat content does not vary significantly with time, indicating a close overall balance between absorbed solar r..
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Atmospheric Thermodynamics (Hardcover)
Equations are derived in detail, physically interpreted, and applied 200 problems, most of which are applicable to everyday physical phenomena, are includedThis comprehensive text is based on the author's course notes, refined and updated over 15 years of teaching. The core of the text is two chap..
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Chemistry of Atmospheres: An Introduction to the Chemistry of the Atmospheres of Earth, the Planets, and their Satellites (Paperback)
Has a multidisciplinary approach: chemistry, physics, geology, biology Detailed enough to be very useful for the specialist, yet readable and understandable by the non-specialist Contains descriptions of the latest advances in measurements, interpretation, and modelling Explains the behaviour ..
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Cirrus clouds are high, thin, tropospheric clouds composed predominately of ice. In the last ten years, considerable work has shown that cirrus is widespread and more common than previously believed, and has a significant impact on climate and global change. As the next generation weather satellites..
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Scientific descriptions of the climate have traditionally been based on the study of average meteorological values taken from different positions around the world. In recent years however it has become apparent that these averages should be considered with other statstics that ultimately characteriz..
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Demonstrates the importance and breadth of quantitative methods in the earth sciences. Covers a wide range of up-to-date methods and applications, and includes case studies. Invaluable as an introduction to the field.This book consists of papers written by leading practitioners of mathematical g..
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