Inorganic chemistry

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Magnetism and Ligand-Field Analysis
In this book, originally published in 1983, a synthesis of old and new notions straddling the disciplines of physics and chemistry is described; and this provides a means of exploiting ligan-field properties of transition-metal and lathanide complexes leading to a quantified chemical insight into th..
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Solid State Electrochemistry
This book describes for the first time in a modern text the fundamental principles on which solid state chemistry is based. In this sense it differs from other books on the subject, which tend to concentrate only on a description of materials. Topics include solid (ceramic) electrolytes, glasses, po..
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Proton Conductors
Protonic conduction in liquid electrolytes is commonplace but is relatively rare in solids. There is much interest worldwide in proton conducting solids, both from the scientific aspect, as materials with novel properties, but also for their possible applications in high-density solid-state batterie..
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Molecular Clusters
Clusters can be viewed as solids at the nano-scale, yet molecular cluster chemistry and solid state chemistry have traditionally been considered as separate topics. This treatment has made it conceptually difficult to appreciate commonalities of structure and bonding between the two. Using analogous..
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The Chemistry of Macrocyclic Ligand Complexes
This book contains an overview of complex formation by macrocyclic ligand systems. The study of macrocyclic chemistry represents a major area of activity which impinges on a range of other areas in both chemistry and biochemistry. The field has characteristically yielded many interesting and unusual..
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Inorganic Substances
Inorganic Substances is complementary in its approach to conventional inorganic chemistry textbooks. Written with the undergraduate in mind, it gives an introduction to descriptive inorganic chemistry, a systematic survey of the chemistry of the elements according to the Periodic Classification. In ..
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In this 1986 book, Dr Matthews emphasises the fundamental ideas of quantum theory as they relate to mainstream areas of quantum theory such as bonding and spectroscopy; elementary ideas on the use of symmetry are also included. No prior knowledge of quantum theory is assumed, and considerable help i..
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Inorganic Energetics
When W. E. Dasent's Inorganic Energetics first appeared in 1970 it rapidly established itself as an important teaching text. In this 1982 second edition, the author preserved the same basic structure and objectives of the earlier edition, although much of the material has been rewritten and the nume..
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Acid-Base Cements
Acid-base cements have been known since the mid-nineteenth century and offer an alternative to polymerization as a route for forming solid substances. They are quick setting materials and some have unusual properties for cements, such as adhesion and translucency. They find diverse applications rang..
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The Dynamical Theory of Gases
Jeans's primary aim with the first edition of his book, originally published in 1904, was to 'develop the theory of gases upon as exact a mathematical basis as possible'. Twenty years later and those theories were being revolutionised by Quantum Theory. In this fourth edition, Jeans does not attempt..
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Structure and Bonding in Crystalline Materials
One of the motivating questions in materials research today is, how can elements be combined to produce a solid with specified properties? This book is intended to acquaint the reader with established principles of crystallography and cohesive forces that are needed to address the fundamental relati..
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