Physical chemistry

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Introduction to Physical Chemistry
The third edition of this text has been completely rewritten and revised. The author provides more coverage of solid and liquid states than is found in other texts on this subject, and introduces topics such as computer simulation and quasicrystals. Each chapter concludes with a set of problems and ..
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Water Science Reviews 2
The overall theme of Volume 2 is water in crystalline solids: the ice polymorplis, salt and organic hydrates. from simple molecules to proteins, and the nature of the equated proton in solid hydrates (and in the vapour phase). The advent of neutron diffraction, coupled with major instrumental and th..
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Dissociative Recombination of Molecular Ions
Dissociative recombination (DR) of molecular ions with electrons is a complex, poorly understood molecular process. Its critical role as a neutralising agent in the Earth's upper atmosphere is now well established and its occurrence in many natural and laboratory produced plasma has been a strong mo..
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Molecular Crystals
There has been an explosion of interest in the study of molecular crystals, and their applications in optics and electronics. This advanced textbook describes their chemical and physical structure, their optical and electronic properties and the reactions between neighbouring molecules in crystals. ..
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Imaging in Molecular Dynamics
Charged particle imaging has revolutionized experimental studies of photodissociation and bimolecular collisions. Written in a tutorial style by some of the key practitioners in the field, this book gives a comprehensive account of the technique and describes many of its applications. The book is sp..
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High Vacuum Techniques for Chemical Syntheses and Measurements
This book describes the physico-chemical principles of the high vacuum techniques used by chemists. It is a guide to the choice of suitable equipment, the methods of constructing the systems, and the ways of using them. Professor Plesch's book is the only up-to-date work on the type of high vacuum s..
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Group Theory with Applications in Chemical Physics
Group Theory is an indispensable mathematical tool in many branches of chemistry and physics. This book provides a self-contained and rigorous account on the fundamentals and applications of the subject to chemical physics, assuming no prior knowledge of group theory. The first half of the book focu..
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Valence Bond Methods
Valence bond theory is one of two commonly used methods in molecular quantum mechanics, the other is molecular orbital theory. This book focuses on the first of these methods, ab initio valence bond theory. The book is split into two parts. Part I gives simple examples of two-electron calculations a..
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Electronic and Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Electronic and photoelectron spectroscopy can provide extraordinarily detailed information on the properties of molecules and are in widespread use in the physical and chemical sciences. Applications extend beyond spectroscopy into important areas such as chemical dynamics, kinetics and atmospheric ..
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Conversations on Chemistry 2 Volume Paperback Set
Jane Haldimand Marcet (1769–1858) was a pioneer in the field of education who wrote accessible introductory books on science and economics. Noting that women's education 'is seldom calculated to prepare their minds for abstract ideas', she resolved to write books that would inform, entertain and imp..
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Thermodynamics of Chemical Systems
The aim of this book is to develop the concepts and relations pertinent to the solution of many thermodynamic problems encountered in multi-phase, multi-component systems. In doing so, it emphasizes a comprehension and development of general expressions for solving such problems, rather than ready-m..
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ZEKE Spectroscopy
This is the first book to describe ZEKE (Zero Kinetic Energy) spectroscopy, a new high resolution spectroscopy of molecular ions, neutral short-lived intermediates, and other species. The author's approach is to use a minimum of equations with large numbers of figures to help the reader towards a ba..
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