Solar and space plasma physics

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Coronal and Stellar Mass Ejections (IAU S226)
The Sun and other stars eject large clouds of plasma and magnetic fields on a continual basis. They are accelerated to high speeds and then become capable of producing highly energetic charged particles and disrupting the magnetospheres of planets such as the Earth. This proceeding reflects recent a..
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Preservation of Near-Earth Space for Future Generations
What will happen to the near-Earth space environment? How can we ensure the survival of future scientific, commercial and military satellites and space stations? This book addresses the questions that must be asked as man-made debris in space around the Earth - from dust particles to rocket casings,..
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Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar Activity (IAU S223)
These Proceedings present the most recent results from the highly successful international solar space missions (SOHO, CORONAS-F, TRACE, RHESSI, YOHKOH) and ground observatories around the Earth, reported at the IAU Symposium 223 held in St Petersburg, Russia, June 14-19, 2004. These include discuss..
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Whistler and Alfvén Mode Cyclotron Masers in Space
The subject of wave-particle interactions occurring in space plasmas has developed strongly, both observationally and theoretically, since the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts of energetic charged particles trapped in the Earth's magnetosphere over forty years ago. These wave-particle inte..
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Solar Activity and its Magnetic Origin (IAU S233)
The variability of the Sun's magnetic field is the main driver of solar activity. IAU S233 was held to further our understanding of solar magnetic processes and its interplanetary consequences. The Symposium was organised into seven sessions covering: the generation and transport of solar magnetic f..
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An Introduction to the Sun and Stars
Compiled by a team of experts, this textbook has been designed for elementary university courses in astronomy and astrophysics. It starts with a detailed discussion of our nearest star, the Sun, and describes how solar physicists have come to understand its internal workings. It then considers how a..
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A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy
This handbook by George Frederick Chambers (1841–1915), a young and enthusiastic amateur astronomer, became a best-seller soon after its publication in 1861 and made Chambers' reputation as a popular astronomy writer. The work is divided into ten parts covering the following topics: the planets of o..
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Teneriffe, an Astronomer's Experiment
The experiences and challenges undertaken by C. Piazzi Smyth during his expedition to Tenerife on behalf of the Astronomer Royal are richly depicted and illustrated in this descriptive report of a major scientific expedition's course. The experiment was 'to ascertain how far astronomical observation..
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Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes
Thomas William Webb (1807–1885) was an Oxford-educated English clergyman whose deep interest in astronomy and accompanying field observations eventually led to the publication of his Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes in 1859. An attempt 'to furnish the possessors of ordinary telescopes with pl..
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An Introduction to Space Weather
Space weather is an emerging field of space science focused on understanding societal and technological impacts of the solar-terrestrial relationship. The Sun, which has tremendous influence on Earth's space environment, releases vast amounts of energy in the form of electromagnetic and particle rad..
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The International Atlas of Lunar Exploration
Bringing together a wealth of information from many sources, including some material never before published, this atlas is a comprehensive reference on lunar exploration. It tells the story of every spacecraft mission to the Moon since the dawn of the space age, illustrating each account with a uniq..
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Guide to the Sun
The Sun has been an object of scientific interest since the time of the ancient Greeks. The vast amounts of observational data acquired in recent years have led to a greatly improved knowledge of the physics of the Sun. With a minimum of technicalities, this book gives an account of what we now know..
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