Observational astronomy, techniques and instrumentation

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The Analysis of Emission Lines
What can emission lines tell us about an astrophysical object? A workshop at the Space Telescope Science Institute was dedicated to address just this question – for a host of objects (including planetary nebulae and active galactic nuclei) across a broad range of wavelengths (from the infrared throu..
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The Emission-Line Universe
Emission lines provide a powerful tool to study the physical properties and chemical compositions of astrophysical objects in the Universe, from the first stars to objects in our Galaxy. The analysis of emission lines allows us to estimate the star formation rate and initial mass function of ionizin..
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Exploring the X-ray Universe
Capturing the excitement and accomplishments of X-ray astronomy, this second edition now includes a broader range of astronomical phenomena and dramatic new results from the most powerful X-ray telescopes. Covering all areas of astronomical research, ranging from the smallest to the largest objects,..
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Instrumentation for Large Telescopes
A new generation of large, ground-based telescopes are just coming into operation. They will take astronomical research well into the next century. These extremely powerful telescopes demand specially designed instruments and observing techniques. The VII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics..
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A Giant Step: From Milli- to Micro- Arcsecond Astrometry (IAU S248)
The Proceedings of IAU S248 reflect the state-of-the-art in the field of astrometry, summarizing the scientific achievements at the tenth anniversary of the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogue release. It shows the latest achievements in ground-based astrometry and details the progress of second-generatio..
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Stars and their Spectra
The study of stars and their spectra is central to an understanding of classical and modern astronomy. The principal tool for investigating the nature of stars is to observe and interpret their spectra. In this lucid book, James Kaler clearly explains the alphabet of stellar astronomy - from the coo..
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Adaptive Optics in Astronomy
Adaptive optics is a powerful new technique used to sharpen telescope images blurred by the Earth's atmosphere. This authoritative book is the first dedicated to the use of adaptive optics in astronomy. Mainly developed for defence applications, the technique of adaptive optics has only recently bee..
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Glimpsing an Invisible Universe
Now in paperback, this book deals with the evolution of X-ray astronomy during the initial phases of its development. The story commences in the late 1950s with the discovery of high-energy radiations from beyond the solar system, and is taken through to the point at which X-ray astronomers began ex..
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Observing the Universe
Observing the Universe introduces a range of techniques and skills that will be useful for those wishing to undertake observational work in astronomy and planetary science. Observations have played, and continue to play, a crucial role in developing our understanding of the Universe, and the best wa..
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An Introduction to Optical Stellar Interferometry
During the last two decades, optical stellar interferometry has become an important tool in astronomical investigations requiring spatial resolution well beyond that of traditional telescopes. This is the first book to be written on the subject. The authors provide an extended introduction discussin..
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Observational Astronomy
The long-awaited second edition of this well-received textbook gives a thorough introduction to observational astronomy. Starting with the basics of positional astronomy and systems of time, it continues with charts and catalogs covering both historically important publications and modern electronic..
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Handbook of CCD Astronomy
Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) are the state-of-the-art detector in many fields of observational science. Updated to include all of the latest developments in CCDs, this second edition of the Handbook of CCD Astronomy is a concise and accessible reference on all practical aspects of using CCDs. Start..
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