Extrasolar planets and astrobiology

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Talking about Life
With over 500 planets now known to exist beyond the Solar System, spacecraft heading for Mars, and the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence, this timely book explores current ideas about the search for life in the Universe. It contains candid interviews with dozens of astronomers, geolog..
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Dynamics of Populations of Planetary Systems (IAU C197)
Recent advances in computational power are now enabling scientists to consider problems of population dynamics at an advanced level. The small bodies of our solar system, the planets around other stars, dust belts, space debris, etc., need to be understood as a a whole, with their collective dynamic..
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Looking for Life, Searching the Solar System
How did life begin on Earth? Is it confined to our planet? Will humans one day be able to travel long distances in space in search of other life forms? Written by three experts in the space arena, Looking for Life, Searching the Solar System aims to answer these and other intriguing questions. Begin..
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Transiting Exoplanets
The methods used in the detection and characterisation of exoplanets are presented through the study of transiting systems in this unique textbook for advanced undergraduates. From determining the atmospheric properties of transiting exoplanets to measuring the planetary orbit's alignment with the s..
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Exploring the Origin, Extent, and Future of Life
Where did we come from? Are we alone? Where are we going? These are the questions that define the field of astrobiology. New discoveries about life on Earth, the increasing numbers of extrasolar planets being identified, and the technologies being developed to locate and characterize Earth-like plan..
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Life on Other Worlds
The recent discoveries of extrasolar planets and possible microfossils in Martian meteorite ALH 84001 are only the latest developments in a debate that spans millennia, and that has been especially heated in the twentieth century. From the furore over Percival Lowell's claim of canals on Mars at the..
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The Living Cosmos
Considering the development of life on Earth, the existence of life in extreme environments and the potential for life elsewhere in the Universe, this book gives a fascinating insight into our place in the Universe. Chris Impey leads the reader through the history, from the Copernican revolution to ..
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Cosmic Company
Is there life elsewhere in the universe? What might it be like and how will we ever find it? Cosmic Company ponders the possibility of aliens visiting the Earth, as well as what it would mean if we were to pick up a signal from the cosmos that would prove we're neither alone, nor the smartest creatu..
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New Worlds in the Cosmos
With the discovery in 1995 of the first planet orbiting another star, we know that planets are not unique to our own Solar System. For centuries, humanity has wondered whether we are alone in the Universe. We are now finally one step closer to knowing the answer. The quest for exoplanets is an excit..
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Origins and Evolution of Life
Devoted to exploring questions about the origin and evolution of life in our Universe, this highly interdisciplinary book brings together a broad array of scientists. Thirty chapters assembled in eight major sections convey the knowledge accumulated and the richness of the debates generated by this ..
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Extraterrestrial Intelligence
If extraterrestrial intelligence exists, then positive detection would be the greatest scientific discovery of all time. By what criteria should we judge whether we are alone in the cosmos, and how should we set about detecting extraterrestrials? Jean Heidmann answers these questions in this engagin..
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Fitness of the Cosmos for Life
This highly interdisciplinary book highlights many of the ways in which chemistry plays a crucial role in making life an evolutionary possibility in the universe. Cosmologists and particle physicists have often explored how the observed laws and constants of nature lie within a narrow range that all..
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