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Transits of Venus (IAU C196)
On 24 November 1639 in the tiny Lancashire village of Much Hoole, Jeremiah Horrocks made the first observations of a transit of Venus. In the following century the great expeditions to observe the transits of Venus gave us the most colourful stories in astronomy. IAU C196 coincided with the 8 June 2..
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Children of the Stars
Are we alone in the Universe? What is our place in it? How did we get here? We have long searched for the answers to questions such as these, and scientists are beginning to find some of the answers. In this beautifully illustrated book, Daniel Altschuler provides the reader with the elements to und..
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Archaeoastronomy in the New World
First published in 1982, this volume summarises the proceedings of a conference which took place at the University of Oxford in September 1981. Held under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union and the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science, the meeting reviewed ..
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Reports on Astronomy 2003–2005 (IAU XXVIA)
Transactions XXVIA of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of what has been achieved in astronomy during the years 2003 to 2005. The insightful and up-to-date reviews are written by the Presidents and Chairpersons of the IAU's different Divisio..
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Thoroughly updated and re-conceived, Astronomy: The Evolving Universe, Ninth Edition, equips the introductory astronomy student with the essential tools for understanding the night sky. Michael Zeilik has revised his successful textbook based on recent research in astronomy education. Significantly ..
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The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies
This atlas is a comprehensive illustration of the morphology of normal, nearby galaxies and how they are classified in the revised Hubble system developed in the 1950s by Gérard de Vaucouleurs, one of the twentieth century's leading astronomers. Using an image database of over 500 galaxies, the de V..
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Cosmic Butterflies
At the end of a star's life, it wraps itself in a cocoon by spilling out gas and dust. Sometime later, a butterfly-like nebula emerges from the cocoon and develops into a planetary nebula. They are among the most beautiful of the celestial objects imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope. Their structur..
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The Ever-Changing Sky
The Ever-Changing Sky provides a comprehensive and non-mathematical guide to spherical astronomy. The reader is guided through terrestrial and celestial co-ordinate systems, time measurement and celestial navigation, to the prediction of the rising and setting of the stars, Sun and Moon. It focuses ..
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The River of Time
Can we change the past? The surprising answer to this question can be found in the final chapters of this book. Examining the history of the study of time and presenting in detail the modern state of physical research on the subject, this book is a superb overview of a fascinating subject. The figur..
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Our Cosmic Origins
Looking at the stars at night, we have all wondered where we have come from and why we are here. Our Cosmic Origins traces the remarkable story of the emergence of life and intelligence right through the complex evolutionary history of the Universe. Armand Delsemme weaves together a rich tapestry of..
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Glorious Eclipses
This beautiful large-format volume deals with eclipses of all kinds - lunar, solar and even those elsewhere in the Solar System and beyond. Bringing together in one place all aspects of eclipses, and lavishly illustrated throughout, Glorious Eclipses covers the history of eclipses from ancient times..
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Innovation in Astronomy Education
Astronomy leads to an understanding of the history and nature of science, and attracts many young people to education in science and technology. But while in many countries astronomy is not part of the standard curriculum, many scientific and educational societies and government agencies have produc..
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