History of astronomy and cosmology

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James E. Keeler: Pioneer American Astrophysicist
This is the biography of James E. Keeler (1857–1900), a distinguished pioneer of astrophysics, the application of the methods of physics to understanding the nature of the stars, nebulae, planets, comets, and other objects that populate the universe. Keeler was an outstanding scientist, and his fell..
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Observing and Cataloguing Nebulae and Star Clusters
The New General Catalogue, originally created in 1888, is the source for referencing bright nebulae and star clusters, both in professional and amateur astronomy. With 7840 entries, it is the most-used historical catalogue of observational astronomy, and NGC numbers are commonly used today. However,..
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Alexander A Friedmann
Our universe can be described mathematically by a simple model developed in 1922 at Petrograd (St Petersburg) by Alexander Friedmann (1888–1925), who predicted that the whole universe would expand and evolve with time before there was any observational evidence. He was an outstanding Soviet physicis..
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Celestial Treasury
Throughout history, the mysterious dark skies above us have inspired our imaginations in countless ways, influencing our endeavours in science and philosophy, religion, literature and art. Celestial Treasury is a truly beautiful book showing the richness of astronomical theories and illustrations in..
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Cosmic Perspectives
Modern cosmology and its relationship to the development of human civilization is the subject of this book. Astronomers, cosmologists and historians have contributed fourteen essays covering a wide range of subjects. These include the place of astronomy in China by Joseph Needham, frontiers in cosmo..
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History of British Space Science
This book documents how a complex branch of science was started and encouraged to grow both nationally and internationally, as seen through the eyes of two authors who together played a major role in many of the events that they describe. It traces the beginning and subsequent development of a space..
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The Scientific Legacy of Fred Hoyle
Fred Hoyle was a remarkable scientist, and made an immense contribution to many important problems in astronomy. Several of his obituaries commented that he had made more influence on the course of astrophysics and cosmology in the second half of the twentieth century than any other person. This boo..
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Unravelling Starlight
Challenging traditional accounts of the origins of astrophysics, this book presents the first scholarly biography of nineteenth-century English amateur astronomer William Huggins (1824–1910). A pioneer in adapting the spectroscope to new astronomical purposes, William Huggins rose to scientific prom..
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Historical Eclipses and Earth's Rotation
This book is intended for geophysicists, astronomers (especially those with an interest in history), historians and orientalists. The culmination of many years of research, it discusses, in depth, ancient and medieval eclipse observations and their importance in studying Earth's past rotation. This ..
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Agnes Mary Clerke and the Rise of Astrophysics
Born in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century, Agnes Mary Clerke achieved fame as the author of A History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century. Through her quarter-century career, she became the leading commentator on astronomy and astrophysics in the English-speaking world. The biography of A..
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The Milky Way Galaxy and Statistical Cosmology, 1890–1924
Between the years 1890 and 1924, the dominant view of the universe suggested a cosmology largely foreign to contemporary ideas. First, astronomers believed they had confirmed that the sun was roughly in the centre of our star system, the Milky Way galaxy. Second, considerable evidence indicated that..
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In this entertaining and authoritative biography Michael Sharratt examines the flair, imagination, hard-headedness, clarity, combativeness, and penetration of Galileo Galilei. To follow his career as he exploited unforeseen opportunities to unseat established ways of comprehending nature is to under..
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