IT management and ecommerce

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Testing in Software Development
With the increasing application of software in systems, especially safety- or even life-critical systems, it is no longer sufficient for the software developer to rely solely on testing the code produced. Testing must begin with the specification of requirements, continue on the design and finally o..
₦ 11,366
The Business of Ecommerce
The Business of Ecommerce provides a guide to the types of business that companies can conduct over the Web, and it explains how they can go about building systems to support these initiatives. Business and technology decision-makers will learn all they need to know about the entire field of Ecommer..
₦ 15,509
IT Project Estimation
Software engineering is becoming more procedural and controlled, but the estimation of IT projects is still regarded as a 'black art'. IT Project Estimation shows why it doesn't have to be. In this concise, easy-to-read guide, author Paul Coombs provides practical, detailed advice on IT project esti..
₦ 15,831
Business Services Orchestration
This book introduces a new, unique, and far-reaching industry technology, Business Service Orchestration (BSO). BSO encompasses the art of orchestrating the interactions between business services. These business services may represent internal business processes of organizations. Integration of many..
₦ 17,744
Mobile Commerce
This book provides the context, architectures, case studies, and intelligent analysis that will help you grasp this rapidly evolving subject. With keen insight into the needs of both camps, May explains the technological aspects of mobile commerce to business decision makers and the business models ..
₦ 17,422