Distributed, networked and mobile computing

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Protocols by Invariants
When several computers have to cooperate to achieve a certain task (i.e. distributed computing) we need 'recipes' (i.e. protocols) to tell them what to do. Unfortunately, human minds are not well suited to keeping track of what might happen given even a very simple protocol. In this book Dr Schoone ..
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Paradigms for Fast Parallel Approximability
Various problems in computer science are 'hard', that is NP-complete, and so not realistically computable; thus in order to solve them they have to be approximated. This book is a survey of the basic techniques for approximating combinatorial problems using parallel algorithms. Its core is a collect..
₦ 12,641
Emerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Mobile Internet
This book provides a preview of emerging wireless technologies and their architectural impact on the future mobile Internet. The reader will find an overview of architectural considerations for the mobile Internet, along with more detailed technical discussion of new protocol concepts currently bein..
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Concurrent Programming
This book is designed as a first book on concurrent programming and provides a comprehensive introduction to the problems of concurrency. The book builds on the reader's familiarity with sequential programming in a high-level language. It is concerned mainly with the high-level aspects of concurrenc..
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Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers
This book provides an introduction to Bluetooth programming, with a specific focus on developing real code. The authors discuss the major concepts and techniques involved in Bluetooth programming, with special emphasis on how they relate to other networking technologies. They provide specific descri..
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Processor Networks and Aspects of the Mapping Problem
Here Hilbers discusses the general case of how to use processors simultaneously in order to solve a single problem rather than any specific application, and develops a theory independent of particular architectures. He starts by introducing distributed computing with graph theory, and considers proc..
₦ 21,250
Concurrent Programming in ML
Concurrent Programming in ML focuses on the practical use of concurrency to implement naturally concurrent applications. In addition to a tutorial introduction to programming in Concurrent ML (CML), the book presents three extended examples using CML for practical systems programming: a parallel sof..
₦ 12,322
Lectures in Parallel Computation
The foundations of parallel computation, especially the efficiency of computation, are the concern of this book. Distinguished international researchers have contributed fifteen chapters which together form a coherent stream taking the reader who has little prior knowledge of the field to a position..
₦ 20,613
A Compositional Approach to Performance Modelling
This is the first book presenting a stochastic extension of process algebra, PEPA; this is shown to be suitable for specifying a Markov process, which can then be applied to performance modelling. The method, which is illustrated with case studies taken from the area of communication systems, can re..
₦ 15,831
The Principles of Computer Networking
This book provides an introduction to the immensely important area of computer networking. The book covers everything from systems linked by telephone lines to tightly coupled networks of processors using high speed links, and the correspondingly broad range of techniques that are needed. The emphas..
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Real-Time Systems
Real-time systems need to react to certain input stimuli within given time bounds. For example, an airbag in a car has to unfold within 300 milliseconds in a crash. There are many embedded safety-critical applications and each requires real-time specification techniques. This text introduces three o..
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Mobile Computing Principles
Written to address technical concerns that mobile developers face regardless of the platform (J2ME, WAP, Windows CE, etc.), this book explores the differences between mobile and stationary applications and the architectural and software development concepts needed to build a mobile application. Usin..
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