Computer hardware, architecture and distributed computing

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Lectures on the Measurement and Evaluation of the Performance of Computing Systems
The scope of the discussion is limited to certain types of general purpose computing systems whose characteristics involve multiprogramming, multiprocessors, communication lines serving many users, and on-line terminal systems. The goal is to gain a better understanding of computing systems through ..
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A Modular and Extensible Network Storage Architecture
Contemporary distributed file systems are monolithic and only support single file abstractions. Nowadays, network storage devices have to be able to accommodate new information media such as digital audio and video, with data radically different in characteristics to traditional text and binary that..
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Computer Simulation of Continuous Systems
Simulating a continuous process on a (computer) model provides a means of understanding how a system will behave when it is subject to particular constraints. This book describes how analogue, digital and hybrid computers are used in simulating continuous systems. Their use is illustrated by numerou..
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Digital Systems Engineering
What makes some computers slow? Why do some digital systems operate reliably for years while others fail mysteriously every few hours? How can some systems dissipate kilowatts while others operate off batteries? These questions of speed, reliability, and power are all determined by the system-level ..
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Microprocessor Architecture
This book gives a comprehensive description of the architecture of microprocessors from simple in-order short pipeline designs to out-of-order superscalars. It discusses topics such as: • The policies and mechanisms needed for out-of-order processing such as register renaming, reservation stations, ..
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Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit Layout
First published in 1991, this thesis concentrates upon the design of three-dimensional, rather than the traditional two-dimensional, circuits. The theory behind such circuits is presented in detail, together with experimental results. Winner of the Distinguished Dissertation in Computer Science awar..
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