Computer graphics, image processing and robotics

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Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics
This textbook for advanced undergraduates and graduate students emphasizes algorithms for a range of strategies for locomotion, sensing, and reasoning. It concentrates on wheeled and legged mobile robots but discusses a variety of other propulsion systems. The new edition includes advances in roboti..
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Visual Motion of Curves and Surfaces
Computer vision aims to detect and reconstruct features of surfaces from the images produced by cameras, in some way mimicking the way in which humans reconstruct features of the world around them by using their eyes. In this book the authors describe research in computer vision aimed at recovering ..
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Mathematics of Digital Images
Compression, restoration and recognition are three of the key components of digital imaging. The mathematics needed to understand and carry out all these components are explained here in a style that is at once rigorous and practical with many worked examples, exercises with solutions, pseudocode, a..
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Perception as Bayesian Inference
Bayesian probability theory has emerged not only as a powerful tool for building computational theories of vision, but also as a general paradigm for studying human visual perception. This book provides an introduction to and critical analysis of the Bayesian paradigm. Leading researchers in compute..
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Real-Time Computer Vision
Computer vision is a rapidly developing and highly interdisciplinary field of computer science and engineering. An increasing number of researchers are turning their attention to the development of vision algorithms that can analyse dynamic images at real-time rates. Real-time vision is needed for a..
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Designing Fair Curves and Surfaces
This state-of-the-art study of the techniques used for designing curves and surfaces for computer-aided design applications focuses on the principle that fair shapes are always free of unessential features and are simple in design. The authors define fairness mathematically, demonstrate how newly de..
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SuperFractals is the long awaited successor to Fractals Everywhere, in which the power and beauty of Iterated Function Systems were introduced and applied to producing startling and original images that reflect complex structures found for example in nature. This provoked the question of whether the..
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Sparse Image and Signal Processing
This book presents the state of the art in sparse and multiscale image and signal processing, covering linear multiscale transforms, such as wavelet, ridgelet, or curvelet transforms, and non-linear multiscale transforms based on the median and mathematical morphology operators. Recent concepts of s..
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Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision
A basic problem in computer vision is to understand the structure of a real world scene given several images of it. Techniques for solving this problem are taken from projective geometry and photogrammetry. Here, the authors cover the geometric principles and their algebraic representation in terms ..
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Multibiometrics for Human Identification
In today's security-conscious society, real-world applications for authentication or identification require a highly accurate system for recognizing individual humans. The required level of performance cannot be achieved through the use of a single biometric such as face, fingerprint, ear, iris, pal..
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Topics in Surface Modeling
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Curve and Surface Design
This collection of ideas and results on topics of curve and surface design is intended for research in the academic environment as well as for practical use in industrial applications. Main emphasis is on minimal energy splines and geometric spline curves, and on techniques beyond tensor product sur..
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