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Logic Programming
Dr Andrews here provides a homogeneous treatment of the semantics (operational and logical) of both theoretical and practical logic programming languages. He shows how the rift between theory and practice in logic programming can be bridged. This is achieved by precisely characterizing the way in wh..
₦ 19,975
Categories for Types
This textbook explains the basic principles of categorical type theory and the techniques used to derive categorical semantics for specific type theories. It introduces the reader to ordered set theory, lattices and domains, and this material provides plenty of examples for an introduction to catego..
₦ 28,900
Selecting an Ada Compilation System
In 1983 there were just three compilers that implemented the full Ada language. By 1989, there were 171 base compilers and 70 derived compilers supplied by about fifty independent vendors. The proliferation of compilation systems spawned the need for a book such as this, which aims to guide Ada user..
₦ 38,781
Formal Methods for Distributed Processing
This important resource presents the current state of the art in the application of formal methods to object based distributed systems. A major theme is how to formally handle the new requirements arising from OO distributed systems. The major specification notations and modeling techniques are intr..
₦ 24,437