Biological imaging

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Fundamentals of Light Microscopy
Dr Spencer's account gives, in largely non-mathematical terms, a concise but rigorous explanation of the principles underlying the various forms of light microscopy. It starts with the properties of lenses, elementary diffraction theory and theoretical limits to resolution; it goes on to explain the..
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Practical Electron Microscopy
This is an extensively illustrated laboratory manual of transmission electron microscopy techniques for the technician, graduate student, or researcher. Chapters begin with a general discussion, move on to the chemicals and equipment required for the method being described and conclude with a step-b..
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Light and Electron Microscopy
The compound optical microscope, in its various modern forms, is probably the most familiar of all laboratory instruments and the electron microscope, once an exotic rarity, has now become a standard tool in biological and materials research. Both instruments are often used effectively with little k..
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