Pharmacology and drug discovery

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Small Molecule Therapy for Genetic Disease
Thoene summarises the substantial work that has been accomplished in the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism with simple molecules. This handbook will enable interested clinician scientists to rapidly survey the field, thus ascertaining what has been done as well as future directions for therap..
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Magic Molecules
We have all been drug users at one time or another. Drugs can be used as medicines, as food additives, for pleasure, and to protect our long-term health. With so many new drugs on the market and an ever-widening definition of what exactly makes a drug a drug, we should all be well informed about the..
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Drug Design
Structure-based (SBDD) and ligand-based (LBDD) drug design are extremely important and active areas of research in both the academic and commercial realms. This book provides a complete snapshot of the field of computer-aided drug design and associated experimental approaches. Topics covered include..
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Principles of Translational Science in Medicine
Despite advancements in the cloning of the human genome, biomedical innovations at patient level are rare events. Translational medicine is, however, a burgeoning science that shows potential to reverse the trend. This textbook provides a survey of translational medicine, emphasising its emerging sc..
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