Marine biology

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Whales and Dolphins of the Southern African Subregion
This book is the first stand-alone and definitive account of the cetaceans of the oceanic region from the equator to Antarctica, and between the longitudes of 20° W and 80° E - a region that includes almost two-thirds of the world's marine cetacean species. In the fascinating accounts of 51 species ..
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Diving and Marine Biology
First published in 1984, this attractively illustrated volume surveys the world of marine biology as revealed to the underwater diver. Before the invention of the aqualung it was hardly possible for biologists to make detailed ecological studies below the low tide mark. This was particularly true on..
₦ 16,147
A Student's Guide to the Seashore
This unique, concise and beautifully-illustrated guide allows students to identify over 650 of the common, widespread animals and seaweeds of the shore. User-friendly dichotomous keys are supported by details of diagnostic features and biology of each species. Now enhanced with 32 pages of colour, t..
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Marine Biodiversity
The biodiversity of many ecosystems is under threat and although seas cover the majority of our planet's surface, far less is known about the biodiversity of marine environments than that of terrestrial systems. It is also not clear whether many of the patterns known to occur on land also occur in t..
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Biology of the Land Crabs
Interest in land crabs has burgeoned as biologists have increasingly focused on the evolution of terrestriality. Before the publication of this volume in 1988, there had been no single comprehensive source of information to serve biologists interested in the diverse aspects of terrestrial decapod cr..
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Proceedings of the Nineteenth European Marine Biology Symposium
These edited proceedings provide a thematic review of four important areas of marine biology. The theme of the first part of the volume is production at boundary systems and in particular it deals with rates of production and related processes at boundary systems, including shelf breaks, thermocline..
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Fourth European Marine Biology Symposium
The two themes of the Fourth European Symposium on Marine Biology, which took place in Bangor, North Wales, in September 1969, were Larval Biology and Light in the Marine Environment. Originally published in 1971, this volume of edited proceedings from the symposium gives specialist information on t..
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Coastal Marine Zooplankton
The marine zooplankton is one of the most fascinating and diverse assemblages of animals known to biologists. This student manual provides a photographic guide to representative forms of the major groups from medusae and comb jellies to larval fish and squid. In it, only photographs of live and acti..
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Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life
Over the 10-year course of the recently completed Census of Marine Life, a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations has collaborated to improve our understanding of marine biodiversity - past, present, and future. Providing insight into this remarkable project, this book explains the ra..
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