Microbiology and immunology

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Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and the Immune Response
This study looks at the way the products of arachidonic acid metabolism are active both in normal and abnormal immune responses. While some of the fundamental issues such as whether lymphocytes are capable of producing prostaglandins and leukotrienes are still hotly debated, the evidence is overwhel..
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The Life and Death of Smallpox
This is an engaging and fascinating story of a conditional human success story. Smallpox has been one of the most devastating scourges of humanity throughout recorded history, and it is the only human illness to have been eradicated, though polio may soon follow it to official extinction through hum..
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New Challenges to Health
Viruses continually evolve and adapt, posing new threats to health. This book discusses the ecology of viruses with particular emphasis on the emergence of devastating haemorrhagic disease, and reviews the molecular and cell biological basis of the pathogenesis of several virus diseases. An introduc..
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Bacterial Invasion of Host Cells
This book concerns the intimate association between bacteria and host cells. Many bacterial pathogens are able to invade and survive within cells at mucosal membranes. Remarkably, the bacteria themselves orchestrate this process through the exploitation of host cellular signal transduction pathways...
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Medical Implications of Biofilms
Human tissues often support large, complex microbial communities growing as biofilms that can cause a variety of infections. Due to an increased use of implanted medical devices, the incidence of these biofilm-associated diseases is increasing: the non-shedding surfaces of these devices provide idea..
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Signals, Switches, Regulons, and Cascades
DNA sequencing has provided a wealth of information on the genetic material stored in bacterial genomes. The use of DNA arrays and proteomics will transform the scale of our ability to describe the patterns of gene expression as bacteria respond to their environments. However, the ability to control..
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Bacterial Evasion of Host Immune Responses
Our survival as multicellular organisms requires the constant surveillance of our internal and external (mucosal) environments by the multifarious elements of the innate and acquired systems of immunity. The objective of this surveillance, expensive as it is to the organisms, is to recognise and kil..
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Bacterial Disease Mechanisms
Antibiotic resistance and our consequent inability to treat many bacterial infections had fuelled an urgent need to understand the means by which bacteria cause disease. This has lead to a renaissance in research into bacterial disease mechanisms and the birth of a new discipline - cellular microbio..
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Modeling Disease Transmission and its Prevention by Disinfection
Pathogenic microorganisms exploit a number of different routes for transmission and this book demonstrates how the spread of disease can be prevented through the practices of disinfection and controlling microbial growth. This book, first published in 1996, is organised into four sections. The first..
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A Century of Mycology
British mycologists have had a major impact worldwide. Commemorating the centenary of the British Mycological Society, founded in 1896, this book gives an account of the British contribution to mycology, both at professional and amateur level. A variety of distinguished British and American authors ..
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Molecular Aspects of Host-Pathogen Interactions
An understanding of the relationship between a pathogen and its host is essential for the development of effective disease control measures. This volume focuses on interactions at the molecular level, specifically between the proteins of the infectious agent and the host that has been invaded. Both ..
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One of the most studied fields within the discipline of parasitology is immunoparasitology. The main emphasis is understanding the interaction between the host immune system and the invading parasite in order that information can be gained to aid parasite control and hence improve human health. The ..
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