Molecular biology, biochemistry, and structural biology

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Ram Verma has assembled ten distinguished contributors to survey what is currently known about the relationship of the structure of DNA to its role in the function and expression of genes. The crucial role of heterochromatin in the organization of chromosomes is thoroughly explored in this resulting..
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Anatomy of Gene Regulation
No longer simple line drawings on a page, molecular structures can now be viewed in full-figured glory, often in color and even with interactive possibilities. Anatomy of Gene Regulation is the first book to present the parts and processes of gene regulation at the three-dimensional level. Vivid str..
₦ 19,656
Plant Genetic Engineering
For those working in molecular biology, this book describes the latest techniques in plant genetic research and the practical application of genetic engineering to important crop plants such as the potato. The various chapters detail methods used for the genetic modification of plants, including pro..
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Bioenergetics is the name given to the collection of disciplines within biochemistry and physiology that aims at a description and understanding of the function of living systems. These functions include the exchange, metabolism and accumulation of matter, as well as their related energy transformat..
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Biological Thermodynamics
This inter-disciplinary guide to the thermodynamics of living organisms has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a uniquely integrated overview of the subject. Retaining its highly readable style, it will serve as an introduction to the study of energy transformation in the life sciences a..
₦ 15,194
A Guidebook to Biochemistry
This is a completely revised and expanded edition of the Guidebook to Biochemistry. Every chapter has been reviewed and brought up to date. A new chapter, on the cell and membrane transport, has been included, and the single chapter on regulation in the previous edition has been greatly enlarged and..
₦ 15,513
Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
This best-selling undergraduate textbook provides an introduction to key experimental techniques from across the biosciences. It uniquely integrates the theories and practices that drive the fields of biology and medicine, comprehensively covering both the methods students will encounter in lab clas..
₦ 17,266
Gene Expression and Manipulation in Aquatic Organisms
The techniques of molecular biology offer a powerful means of investigating and controlling the genetic basis of mechanisms operating in living organisms. The development of these techniques in aquatic animals has now reached the stage where important questions relating to growth, development and ad..
₦ 13,916
Statistical Evaluation of Mutagenicity Test Data
The expertise of toxicologists and statisticians to provide a rigorous and practical account of the interpretation of mutagenicity test data has been drawn upon for this volume. Now, chemicals such as drugs, food additives and pesticides all need careful screening to eliminate potentially mutagenic ..
₦ 24,756
Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems
A true understanding of genetic and metabolic function and design is facilitated by mathematical and computational methods for analyzing biochemical systems. This hands-on reference teaches biochemists and molecular biologists the use of modern computational methods for the analysis of complex biome..
₦ 31,447
Label-Free Biosensors
Label-free biosensors are devices that use biological or chemical receptors to detect analytes (molecules) in a sample. They give detailed information on the selectivity, affinity, and, in many cases, also the binding kinetics and thermodynamics of an interaction. Although they can be powerful tools..
₦ 17,744
Origins of Life
How did life on Earth originate? Did replication or metabolism come first in the history of life? In the second edition of the acclaimed Origins of Life, distinguished scientist and science writer Freeman Dyson examines these questions and discusses the two main theories that try to explain how natu..
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