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Charles Darwin's Natural Selection
An original, unpublished manuscript written before the Origin of Species which contains the references to journal articles and books that Darwin used in formulating his controversial ideas. This volume has been edited and annotated and includes a cross-indexing to the Origin...
₦ 32,087
Darwin's Finches
David Lack's classic work on the finches of the Galapagos Islands (Darwin's Finches) was first published in 1947; few books have had such a great impact on evolutionary biology, indeed it is still one of the most succinct and fascinating treatises ever written about the origin of new species. The 19..
₦ 10,728
The Correspondence of Charles Darwin Parts 1 and 2
Charles Darwin depended on correspondence to collect data from all over the world, and to discuss his emerging ideas with scientific colleagues, many of whom he never met in person. In January of 1868, Darwin's Variation Under Domestication was published. The first printing of 1500 copies rapidly so..
₦ 61,412
The Collected Letters of Erasmus Darwin
Erasmus Darwin has often been cited as the most widely talented man of the past 250 years. He excelled in medicine and poetry; was an inventor and wide ranging man of science, and founded several societies. This collection of 460 of his letters, of which over half have never been published, provides..
₦ 40,375
Charles Darwin's Zoology Notes and Specimen Lists from H. M. S. Beagle
This transcription of notes made by Charles Darwin during the voyage of H. M. S. Beagle records his observations of the animals and plants that he encountered, and provides a valuable insight into the intellectual development of one of our most influential scientists. Darwin drew on many of these no..
₦ 22,206
Charles Darwin changed the direction of modern thought by establishing the basis of evolutionary biology. This fascinating selection of letters, offers a glimpse of his daily experiences, scientific observations, personal concerns and friendships. Beginning with a charming set of letters at the age ..
₦ 11,688
Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary
On 27th December 1831, HMS Beagle set out from Plymouth under the command of Captain Robert Fitzroy on a voyage that lasted nearly 5 years. The purpose of the trip was to complete a survey of the southern coasts of South America, and afterwards to circumnavigate the globe. The ship's geologist and n..
₦ 15,194
Charles Darwin's Shorter Publications, 1829–1883
Charles Darwin's words first appeared in print as a student at Christ's College, Cambridge in 1829, and in almost every subsequent year of his life he published essays, articles, letters to editors, or other brief works. These shorter publications contain a wealth of valuable material. They represen..
₦ 32,406
Charles Darwin's Notebooks, 1836–1844
Darwin's notebooks provide an invaluable record of his scientific thinking and most importantly, the development of his theory of natural selection. This edition of the notebooks, prepared to the highest standard of textual editing, thus affords a unified view of Darwin's professional interests. The..
₦ 22,844
Darwin's Mentor
John Stevens Henslow is known for his formative influence on Charles Darwin, who described their meeting as the one circumstance 'which influenced my career more than any other'. As Professor of Botany at Cambridge University, Henslow was Darwin's teacher and eventual lifelong friend, but what of th..
₦ 12,322
The Correspondence of Charles Darwin
'I have always maintained that, excepting fools, men did not differ much in intellect, only in zeal & hard work; and I still think there is an eminently important difference'. Throughout 1869, Darwin continued to collect data for his two most significant books after Origin: The Descent of Man and Ex..
₦ 34,319
Charles Darwin's Notebooks from the Voyage of the Beagle
This is the first full edition of the notebooks used by Darwin during his epic voyage in the Beagle. It contains transcriptions of all fifteen notebooks, which now survive as some of the most precious documents in the history of science. The notebooks record the entire range of Darwin's interests an..
₦ 34,319