Natural resource management, agriculture, horticulture and forestry

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An Introduction to Tropical Food Science
This introduction to tropical food science is meant for two groups of people. First, there are those living in the tropics who require a simple introductory text. Food science is perhaps the most important science affecting their lives. The second group consists of students, administrators and worke..
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Soils, Land and Food
A major challenge of the twenty-first century will be to ensure sufficient global food production to cope with the burgeoning world population. Soils, Land and Food is a short text aimed at undergraduates, graduates, agricultural scientists and policy makers which describes how the use of technology..
₦ 14,872
From Dearth to Plenty
During the fifty-year period from 1936–1986 the modern agricultural revolution occurred, in which, for the first time, science was properly harnessed to the improvement in agricultural productivity. The authors quantify this improvement and identify the work of scientists which was seminal to the sc..
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Agricultural Marketing Enterprises for the Developing World
This textbook, published in 1987, presents a selection of marketing enterprises, drawn from throughout the tropics, which succeeded under the conditions prevailing in developing countries. They include the whole range of marketing systems from indigenous private enterprise, through transnationals as..
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Rational Pesticide Use
There is growing concern among scientists, farmers and the general public that pesticides are being applied ever more widely but with less and less discretion. This book brings together a range of experts to discuss how crop protection chemicals can be used more rationally, so as to maximise benefit..
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Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries
This textbook considers the methods used by governments to change the economic and social framework within which agricultural production takes place: by influencing the prices of farm inputs and outputs, by modifying agricultural institutions, and by promoting new technologies in agriculture. The bo..
₦ 18,062
Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management
This volume bridges the gap between ecology and natural resource management and, in particular, focuses on plant ecology as a foundation for vegetation and wildlife management. It describes how concepts and approaches used by ecologists to study communities and ecosystems can be applied to their man..
₦ 22,206
Mismanagement of Marine Fisheries
Longhurst examines the proposition, central to fisheries science, that a fishery creates its own natural resource by the compensatory growth it induces in the fish, and that this is sustainable. His novel analysis of the reproductive ecology of bony fish of cooler seas offers some support for this, ..
₦ 16,469
The Economics of Tropical Farm Management
Farmers all over the world have to decide what to produce and how to go about it. In the tropics, small farmers have to work with a limited resource-base which usually does not lead itself to highly productive systems of consistent crop and animal production. Yet those people who live in developing ..
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Crop Genetic Resources for Today and Tomorrow
This 1975 book deals with one of the world's fastest disappearing natural resources - the invaluable reservoir of genetic variability in our cultivated plants which have evolved since our forebears began to domesticate them some 10,000 years ago. The preservation of these 'genetic resources', as the..
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Sustainable Natural Resource Management
Natural resources support all human productivity. The sustainable management of natural resources is among the preeminent problems of the current century. Sustainability and the implied professional responsibility start here. This book uses applied mathematics familiar to undergraduate engineers and..
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Coastal Aquaculture Engineering
Aquaculture is the science and technology of breeding and growing aquatic plants. Aquaculture has been in practice in China and India for more than 2000 years. However, the realisation of its role in meeting the world's food needs and of the need to develop it as an industry is more recent. Scientif..
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