Quantitative biology, biostatistics and mathematical modeling

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Introduction to Computer-Intensive Methods of Data Analysis in Biology
This guide to the contemporary toolbox of methods for data analysis will serve graduate students and researchers across the biological sciences. Modern computational tools, such as Maximum Likelihood, Monte Carlo and Bayesian methods, mean that data analysis no longer depends on elaborate assumption..
₦ 18,062
Complex Systems
This book explores the exciting field of complexity. It features in-depth coverage of important theoretical areas, including fractals, chaos, non-linear dynamics, artificial life and self-organization. It also provides overviews of complexity in several applied areas, including parallel computation,..
₦ 19,019
Mathematical Ideas in Biology
This is a lucid introduction to some of the mathematical ideas which are useful to biologists. Professor Maynard Smith introduces the reader to the ways in which biological problems can be expressed mathematically, and shows how the mathematical equations which arise in biological work can be solved..
₦ 11,047
Statistics Explained, An Introductory Guide for Life Scientists
Statistics Explained is a reader-friendly introduction to experimental design and statistics for undergraduate students in the life sciences, particularly those who do not have a strong mathematical background. Hypothesis testing and experimental design are discussed first. Statistical tests are the..
₦ 19,016
Analysis of Variance and Covariance
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is a core technique for analysing data in the Life Sciences. This reference book bridges the gap between statistical theory and practical data analysis by presenting a comprehensive set of tables for all standard models of analysis of variance and covariance with up to t..
₦ 23,162
Biology by Numbers
Biologists are notoriously reticent about using mathematics. This textbook is both an introduction to quantitative biology and a guide for the number-shy. Richard Burton fosters a sense of the fundamental importance and usefulness of mathematical principles in biology, with a fascinating range of ex..
₦ 14,234
Kinetics for the Life Sciences
This book introduces the reader to the kinetic analysis of a wide range of biological processes at the molecular level. It shows that the same approach can be used to resolve the number of steps for a wide range of systems including enzyme reactions, muscle contraction, visual perception, and ligand..
₦ 28,900
Modelling For Field Biologists
Students of evolutionary and behavioural ecology are often unfamiliar with mathematical techniques, though much of biology relies on mathematics. Evolutionary ideas are often complex, meaning that the logic of hypotheses proposed should not only be tested empirically but also mathematically. There a..
₦ 26,031
Statistical Methods in Biology
Generations of biologists have relied upon this useful book, which presents the basic concepts of statistics so lucidly and convincingly. It recognises that students must be aware of when to use standard techniques and how to apply the results they obtain. Since many biologists do not have a strong ..
₦ 12,641
Fourier Descriptors and their Applications in Biology
The purpose of this book is to introduce Fourier descriptors as a method for measuring the shape of whole or parts of organisms. Fourier descriptors refer to the utilization of Fourier analysis, primarily the Fourier series as a curve-fitting technique, that can numerically describe the outline (sha..
₦ 21,888
Introductory Statistics for Biology
This introductory text presents the use of statistical methods as an integral part of biological investigation, yet one whose superficial complexities have deterred many biologists from using them. The author argues that the difficulties, such as they are, do not lie in mathematical manipulation, bu..
₦ 16,784
Data-Handling in Biomedical Science
Packed with worked examples and problems, this book will help the reader improve their confidence and skill in data-handling. The mathematical methods needed for problem-solving are described in the first part of the book, with chapters covering topics such as indices, graphs and logarithms. The fol..
₦ 12,959