Biological anthropology and primatology

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The Scientific Study of Mummies
The fact that bodies decay after death has concerned humans throughout the ages. Many cultures have attempted to arrest this decay, so that bodies are preserved (or mummified) in a state as near to life as possible, but spontaneously mummified bodies are also found. Mummies are being studied increas..
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Old World Monkeys
Old World monkeys (Cercopithecoidea) are the most successful and diverse group of living nonhuman primates in terms of the number of species, behavioral repertoires, and ecology. Among our closest living relatives, they have much to teach us about the processes of evolution and the principles of eco..
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World Population and the United Nations
First published in 1987, this book is about the challenge posed by the unprecedented growth of the world's population and the response that has been made to that challenge by the United Nations and its system of agencies. It focuses in particular on the creation, in 1969, of the United Nations Fund ..
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Feeding Ecology in Apes and Other Primates
Feeding Ecology in Apes and Other Primates focuses on evolutionary perspectives of the complex interactions between the environment, food sources, physiology and behaviour in primates. This highly interdisciplinary volume provides a benchmark to assess dietary alterations that affected human evoluti..
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Body Composition Techniques in Health and Disease
Body composition studies are used in a wide variety of fields including human biology, medicine, sports science, epidemiology and nutrition. They may be used to predict later body composition from childhood measures, bone density loss in athletes under heavy training regimes or in the elderly, to as..
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Human Growth in the Past
Until now, studies of dental and skeletal growth and development have often been treated as independent disciplines within the literature. Human Growth in the Past takes a fresh perspective by bringing together these two related fields of enquiry in a single volume whose purpose is to place methodol..
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Somatotyping is a method of description and assessment of the body on three shape and composition scales: endomorphy (relative fatness), mesomorphy (relative musculoskeletal robustness), and ectomorphy (relative linearity). This book (the first major account of the field for thirty years) presents a..
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A History of the Study of Human Growth
First published in 1981, Professor Tanner's volume traces the history of studies of the physical growth of children from the time of the Ancient Greeks onwards. The author summarises the background to and the achievement of the surveys of child growth made in the course of social reform throughout t..
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Research Strategies in Human Biology
This book is about the process of doing research in human biology. Seasoned researchers share their experiences working on problems of interest to biological anthropologists, including environmental stresses, population genetics, parasitic vectors and vital records. They describe obstacles encounter..
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Anthropometry is the measurement of human morphology, and is used in a wide range of applied and research contexts. In this volume, distinguished contributors including anthropologists, human biologists, physiologists, nutritionists and clinical scientists describe many of the ways in which anthropo..
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Body Composition in Biological Anthropology
This volume provides a thought-provoking perspective on the empirical and analytic study of body form and composition. The techniques used for measuring body components such as fat, water, lean tissue, bone mass and bone density are evaluated against potential 'gold standards'. The nature of regiona..
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Primates Face to Face
As our closest evolutionary relatives, nonhuman primates are integral elements in our mythologies, diets and scientific paradigms, yet most species now face an uncertain future through exploitation for the pet and bushmeat trades as well as progressive habitat loss. New information about disease tra..
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