Evolutionary biology

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Carnivoran Evolution
Members of the mammalian clade Carnivora have invaded nearly every continent and ocean, evolving into bamboo-eating pandas, clam-eating walruses and of course, flesh-eating sabre-toothed cats. With this ecological, morphological and taxonomic diversity and a fossil record spanning over sixty million..
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William Bateson, Naturalist
William Bateson (1861–1926) began his academic career working on variation in animals in the light of evolutionary theory. He was inspired by the rediscovery of Gregor Mendel's work on plant hybridisation to pursue further experimental work in what he named 'genetics'. He realised that Mendel's resu..
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Molecules and Morphology in Evolution
A thorough review of the phylogenetic data derived from molecular methods and from classical morphology is provided in order to analyze the important contribution each can make to the study of evolution...
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Macroevolutionary Theory on Macroecological Patterns
This study of distribution, abundance and population size variation in animals (formerly regarded as pure ecological subjects) is presented in an evolutionary framework. Arguing that evolved characters of organisms such as morphology, behavior and life history influence their ecological relationship..
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An Introduction to Arthropod Pest Control
Arthropod pests are responsible for huge annual losses in global crop production and for transmitting a number of infectious diseases. The control of such pests is therefore of the utmost importance. An Introduction to Arthropod Pest Control provides an up-to-date, detailed overview of current appro..
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Zoonomia 2 Volume Paperback Set
Erasmus Darwin (1731–1802) is remembered not only as the grandfather of Charles but as a pioneering scientist in his own right. A friend and correspondent of Josiah Wedgwood, Joseph Priestley and Matthew Boulton, he practised medicine in Lichfield, but also wrote prolifically on scientific subjects...
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Physical Geography 2 Volume Paperback Set
Mary Somerville (1780–1872) would have been a remarkable woman in any age, but as an acknowledged leading mathematician and astronomer at a time when the education of most women was extremely restricted, her achievement was extraordinary. Laplace famously told her that 'there have been only three wo..
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Information Theory, Evolution, and The Origin of Life
Originally published in 2005, Information Theory, Evolution and the Origin of Life presents a timely introduction to the use of information theory and coding theory in molecular biology. The genetical information system, because it is linear and digital, resembles the algorithmic language of compute..
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The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution
Motoo Kimura, as founder of the neutral theory, is uniquely placed to write this book. He first proposed the theory in 1968 to explain the unexpectedly high rate of evolutionary change and very large amount of intraspecific variability at the molecular level that had been uncovered by new techniques..
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Evolution and the Theory of Games
Professor John Maynard Smith has written an account of a new way of thinking about evolution which has been developed in the last ten years. The theory of games, first developed to analyse economic behaviour, is modified so that it can be applied to evolving populations. John Maynard Smith's concept..
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The Evolution of Sex
The question of why organisms reproduce sexually is still a matter of controversy. In this account, Professor Maynard Smith considers the selective forces responsible for the origin and evolution of sexual reproduction and genetic recombination, using quantitative population genetics arguments to su..
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The Evolutionary Biology of Colonizing Species
Professor Parsons uses the colonizing species as a case study in the dynamics of microevolution at work in living systems. The colonizing species, a lie, and potentially disruptive force in a 'naïve' habitat, is studied primarily as an ecological phenotype and more generally as an ecological behavio..
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