Statistics for life sciences, medicine and health

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Bayesian Inference for Gene Expression and Proteomics
The interdisciplinary nature of bioinformatics presents a challenge in integrating concepts, methods, software, and multi-platform data. Although there have been rapid developments in new technology and an inundation of statistical methodology and software for the analysis of microarray gene express..
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Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics in the Medical Sciences
If you use statistics and need a useful, up-to-date and reliable sourcebook that provides simple definitions and explanations of statistical concepts, especially those used in biomedicine, then you will need this dictionary. Over 2000 terms are included here; Professor Everitt has aimed to provide b..
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Epidemic Models
The problems of understanding and controlling disease present a range of mathematical challenges, from broad theoretical issues to specific practical ones, making epidemiology one of the most vibrant branches of applied ecology. Progress in this field requires interdisciplinary collaboration; leadin..
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Applied Linear Models with SAS
This textbook for a second course in basic statistics for undergraduates or first-year graduate students introduces linear regression models and describes other linear models including Poisson regression, logistic regression, proportional hazards regression, and nonparametric regression. Numerous ex..
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Survival Analysis for Epidemiologic and Medical Research
This practical guide to survival data and its analysis for readers with a minimal background in statistics shows why the analytic methods work and how to effectively analyze and interpret epidemiologic and medical survival data with the help of modern computer systems. The introduction presents a re..
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Models for Infectious Human Diseases
Infectious disease accounts for more death and disability globally than either non-infectious disease or injury. This book contains a breadth of different quantitative approaches to understanding the patterns of infectious diseases in populations, and the design of control strategies to lessen their..
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Statistical Learning for Biomedical Data
This book is for anyone who has biomedical data and needs to identify variables that predict an outcome, for two-group outcomes such as tumor/not-tumor, survival/death, or response from treatment. Statistical learning machines are ideally suited to these types of prediction problems, especially if t..
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Measurement in Medicine
The success of the Apgar score demonstrates the astounding power of an appropriate clinical instrument. This down-to-earth book provides practical advice, underpinned by theoretical principles, on developing and evaluating measurement instruments in all fields of medicine. It equips you to choose th..
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Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has become the most popular method for imaging brain function. Handbook of Functional MRI Data Analysis provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to the methods used for fMRI data analysis. Using minimal jargon, this book explains the concepts b..
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This concise, self-contained and cohesive book focuses on commonly used and recently developed methods for designing and analyzing high-throughput screening (HTS) experiments from a statistically sound basis. Combining ideas from biology, computing and statistics, the author explains experimental de..
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Morphometric Tools for Landmark Data
Morphometrics is the statistical study of biological shape and shape change. Its richest data are landmarks, points such as 'the bridge of the nose' that have biological names as well as geometric locations. This book is the first systematic survey of morphometric methods for landmark data. The meth..
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