Statistics and probability: general interest

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Statistical Calculation for Beginners
First published in 1940, this book was designed to explain as simply as possible how to perform the calculations involved in common statistical methods. Although not meant as a treatise on the theory of statistics, it nevertheless offered sufficient theory to enable the student to understand the use..
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New Cambridge Statistical Tables
The latest edition of this very successful and authoritative set of tables still benefits from clear typesetting, which makes the figures easy to read and use. It has, however, been improved by the addition of new tables that provide Bayesian confidence limits for the binomial and Poisson distributi..
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Playfair's Commercial and Political Atlas and Statistical Breviary
A scientific revolution began at the end of the eighteenth century with the invention and popularization of the graphic display of data by the remarkable Scot, William Playfair. His marvellous Atlas showed how much could be learned if one plotted data atheoretically and looked for suggestive pattern..
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Russian-English/English-Russian Dictionary on Probability, Statistics, and Combinatorics
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Systems of Frequency Curves
Sir William Elderton's Frequency Curves and Correlation was first published in 1906 and subsequently three new editions were published. It has long enjoyed popularity as a source of clear descriptions of the practical use of Pearson and also Gram-Charlie systems of frequency curves. Professor Johnso..
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Logarithmetica Britannica 2 Volume Set
This work of Dr Thompson's is an attempt to commemorate in a worthy manner the first great table of common logarithms, which was computed by Henry Briggs and published in London in 1624. It brings together the series of nine separate parts, issued between 1924 and 1952 from University College, Londo..
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Statistical Tables for the Social Biological and Physical Sciences
This is practical compilation of tables required for the usual tests based on classical probability distributions and for the more commonly used distribution-free (non-paraetric) tests, which are important in the behavioural sciences. In addition to the tables there is a substantial amount of explan..
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Originally published in 1906 by C. & E. Layton, Limited, this work, with its many later improvements, became a standard textbook on curve-fitting and was several times reissued. Reprinted here is the 1953 fourth edition of the book, published by the Cambridge University Press, and containing a prefa..
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Introduction to Probability and Statistics from a Bayesian Viewpoint
The two parts of this book treat probability and statistics as mathematical disciplines and with the same degree of rigour as is adopted for other branches of applied mathematics at the level of a British honours degree. They contain the minimum information about these subjects that any honours grad..
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A Handbook of Numerical and Statistical Techniques
This handbook is designed for experimental scientists, particularly those in the life sciences. It is for the non-specialist, and although it assumes only a little knowledge of statistics and mathematics, those with a deeper understanding will also find it useful. The book is directed at the scienti..
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Anthology of Statistics in Sports
The worlds of sports fans and statisticians collide in this interesting and accessible collection of previously published articles on the use of statistics to analyze sports, that the editors have thoughtfully culled from a variety of American Statistical Association (ASA) publications. Heavily weig..
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Basic Concepts of Probability and Statistics
Basic Concepts of Probability and Statistics provides a mathematically rigorous introduction to the fundamental ideas of modern statistics for readers without a calculus background. It is the only book at this level to introduce readers to modern concepts of hypothesis testing and estimation, coveri..
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