Statistics for physical sciences and engineering

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Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods in Applied Statistics
This collection of papers by leading researchers in their respective fields contains contributions showing the use of the maximum entropy method in many of the fields in which it finds application. In the physical, mathematical and biological sciences it is often necessary to make inferences based o..
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Nonlinear and Nonstationary Signal Processing
Most currently employed methods that are used in various fields of data analysis, such as signal processing and time series analysis, are based on rather simplistic assumptions about the linearity and stationarity of the underlying processes, and are hence suboptimal in many situations. The chapters..
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Bayesian Logical Data Analysis for the Physical Sciences
Increasingly, researchers in many branches of science are coming into contact with Bayesian statistics or Bayesian probability theory. By encompassing both inductive and deductive logic, Bayesian analysis can improve model parameter estimates by many orders of magnitude. It provides a simple and uni..
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A Primer for Sampling Solids, Liquids, and Gases
How does a marble manufacturer know that the color will be consistent throughout the products being made? How can you tell if liquid at the bottom of a container is the same consistency as at the top? How does a pellet manufacturer know if the pellets are consistently the same size? How does a chemi..
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Experimental Design for Formulation
This book describes a systematic methodology for formulating mixed-ingredient products so that they perform to particular standards, providing scientists and engineers with a fast track to the implementation of the methodology. Examples from a wide variety of fields are included, as well as a discus..
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Multivariate Statistical Process Control with Industrial Applications
This applied, self-contained text provides detailed coverage of the practical aspects of multivariate statistical process control (MVSPC) based on the application of Hotelling's T2 statistic. MVSPC is the application of multivariate statistical techniques to improve the quality and productivity of a..
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Inverse Problem Theory and Methods for Model Parameter Estimation
The use of actual observations to infer the properties of a model is an inverse problem, which are often difficult as they may not have a unique solution. This book proposes a general approach that is valid for linear as well as for nonlinear problems. The philosophy is essentially probabilistic and..
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Engineering Reliability
Engineering reliability concerns failure data analysis, the economics of maintenance policies, and system reliability. This textbook develops the use of probability and statistics in engineering reliability and maintenance problems. The author uses probability models in the analysis of failure data,..
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Statistical Case Studies for Industrial Process Improvement
American industry is becoming more aware of the importance of applying statistical methods to improve its competitive edge in the world market. Examples of real industrial applications can serve as a major motivator for industries that want to increase their use of statistical methods. This book con..
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