Applied probability and stochastic networks

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Stochastic Processes with Applications
This book develops systematically and rigorously, yet in an expository and lively manner, the evolution of general random processes and their large time properties such as transience, recurrence, and convergence to steady states. The emphasis is on the most important classes of these processes from ..
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Stochastic Approximation
This simple, compact toolkit for designing and analyzing stochastic approximation algorithms requires only basic literacy in probability and differential equations. Yet these algorithms have powerful applications in control and communications engineering, artificial intelligence and economic modelli..
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Stochastic Modeling in Broadband Communications Systems
Mathematical methods based on the theory of stochastic processes have long been used effectively in telephone traffic modeling. Today's modern network traffic, which is distinctly different from traditional voice traffic, generates challenging mathematical and statistical problems. Stochastic Modeli..
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Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability
Meyn & Tweedie is back! The bible on Markov chains in general state spaces has been brought up to date to reflect developments in the field since 1996 - many of them sparked by publication of the first edition. The pursuit of more efficient simulation algorithms for complex Markovian models, or algo..
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Epidemic Modelling
This general introduction to the ideas and techniques required for the mathematical modelling of diseases begins with an outline of some disease statistics dating from Daniel Bernoulli's 1760 smallpox data. The authors then describe simple deterministic and stochastic models in continuous and discre..
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Control Techniques for Complex Networks
Power grids, flexible manufacturing, cellular communications: interconnectedness has consequences. This remarkable book gives the tools and philosophy you need to build network models detailed enough to capture essential dynamics but simple enough to expose the structure of effective control solutio..
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This 1987 book is a self-contained text on the probabilistic modelling method. It provides the reader with an understanding of the available results as well as with examples of their application. The only background assumed is a knowledge of basic calculus. The necessary fundamentals of probability ..
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Reversibility and Stochastic Networks
This classic in stochastic network modelling broke new ground when it was published in 1979, and it remains a superb introduction to reversibility and its applications. The book concerns behaviour in equilibrium of vector stochastic processes or stochastic networks. When a stochastic network is reve..
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Ergodic Control of Diffusion Processes
This comprehensive volume on ergodic control for diffusions highlights intuition alongside technical arguments. A concise account of Markov process theory is followed by a complete development of the fundamental issues and formalisms in control of diffusions. This then leads to a comprehensive treat..
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Epidemics and Rumours in Complex Networks
Information propagation through peer-to-peer systems, online social systems, wireless mobile ad hoc networks and other modern structures can be modelled as an epidemic on a network of contacts. Understanding how epidemic processes interact with network topology allows us to predict ultimate course, ..
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Nonlinear Renewal Theory in Sequential Analysis
The global approach to nonlinear renewal theory is integrated with the author's own local approach. Both the theory and its applications are placed in perspective by including a discussion of the linear renewal theorem and its applications to the sequential probability ratio test. Applications to re..
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Random Networks for Communication
When is a random network (almost) connected? How much information can it carry? How can you find a particular destination within the network? And how do you approach these questions - and others - when the network is random? The analysis of communication networks requires a fascinating synthesis of ..
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