Statistical theory and methods

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Asymptotic Efficiency of Nonparametric Tests
Making a substantiated choice of the most efficient statistical test is one of the basic problems of statistics. Asymptotic efficiency is an indispensable technique for comparing and ordering statistical tests in large samples. It is especially useful in nonparametric statistics where it is usually ..
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Matched Sampling for Causal Effects
Matched sampling is often used to help assess the causal effect of some exposure or intervention, typically when randomized experiments are not available or cannot be conducted. This book presents a selection of Donald B. Rubin's research articles on matched sampling, from the early 1970s, when the ..
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Robust Statistical Procedures
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Applied Adaptive Statistical Methods
Adaptive statistical tests, developed over the last 30 years, are often more powerful than traditional tests of significance, but have not been widely used. To date, discussions of adaptive statistical methods have been scattered across the literature and generally do not include the computer progra..
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Principles of Statistical Inference
In this definitive book, D. R. Cox gives a comprehensive and balanced appraisal of statistical inference. He develops the key concepts, describing and comparing the main ideas and controversies over foundational issues that have been keenly argued for more than two-hundred years. Continuing a sixty-..
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This workbook is to accompany Statistics: Concepts and Applications by H. Frank and S. Althoen. It provides tutorial and examples as well as a comprehensive guide to using the computer software package ASP (an IBM disk containing this program is enclosed in the book). Statistics: Concepts and Applic..
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Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis
This introduction to wavelet analysis 'from the ground level and up', and to wavelet-based statistical analysis of time series focuses on practical discrete time techniques, with detailed descriptions of the theory and algorithms needed to understand and implement the discrete wavelet transforms. Nu..
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Recurrent Events Data Analysis for Product Repairs, Disease Recurrences, and Other Applications
Survival data consist of a single event for each population unit, namely, end of life, which is modeled with a life distribution. In contrast, many applications involve repeated-events data, where a unit may accumulate any number of events over time. Examples include the number and cost of repairs o..
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Multiple Decision Procedures
Multiple Decision Procedures: Theory and Methodology of Selecting and Ranking Populations provides an encyclopaedic coverage of the literature in the area of ranking and selection procedures, summarizing and surveying in a unified manner a majority of more than 600 main references in the bibliograph..
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Statistical Models and Causal Inference
David A. Freedman presents here a definitive synthesis of his approach to causal inference in the social sciences. He explores the foundations and limitations of statistical modeling, illustrating basic arguments with examples from political science, public policy, law, and epidemiology. Freedman ma..
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Pitman's Measure of Closeness
Pitman's Measure of Closeness (PMC) is simply an idea whose time has come. Certainly there are many different ways to estimate unknown parameters, but which method should you use? Posed as an alternative to the concept of mean-squared-error, PMC is based on the probabilities of the closeness of comp..
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Bayesian Nonparametrics
Bayesian nonparametrics works – theoretically, computationally. The theory provides highly flexible models whose complexity grows appropriately with the amount of data. Computational issues, though challenging, are no longer intractable. All that is needed is an entry point: this intelligent book is..
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