Optimization, OR and risk

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The Basics of Practical Optimization
This textbook provides undergraduate students with an introduction to optimization and its uses for relevant and realistic problems. The only prerequisite for readers is a basic understanding of multivariable calculus because additional material, such as explanations of matrix tools, are provided in..
₦ 19,337
Mathematical Theory of Reliability
This monograph presents a survey of mathematical models useful in solving reliability problems. It includes a detailed discussion of life distributions corresponding to wearout and their use in determining maintenance policies, and covers important topics such as the theory of increasing (decreasing..
₦ 17,744
Stochastic Control and Mathematical Modeling
This is a concise and elementary introduction to stochastic control and mathematical modelling. This book is designed for researchers in stochastic control theory studying its application in mathematical economics and those in economics who are interested in mathematical theory in control. It is als..
₦ 27,625
Introduction to Derivative-Free Optimization
The absence of derivatives, often combined with the presence of noise or lack of smoothness, is a major challenge for optimization. This book explains how sampling and model techniques are used in derivative-free methods and how these methods are designed to efficiently and rigorously solve optimiza..
₦ 21,250
Methods of Mathematical Economics
Many advances have taken place in the field of combinatorial algorithms since Methods of Mathematical Economics first appeared two decades ago. Despite these advances and the development of new computing methods, several basic theories and methods remain important today for understanding mathematica..
₦ 16,469
Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
Provides an introduction to the applications, theory, and algorithms of linear and nonlinear optimization. The emphasis is on practical aspects - discussing modern algorithms, as well as the influence of theory on the interpretation of solutions or on the design of software. The book includes severa..
₦ 24,756
A First Course in Combinatorial Optimization
A First Course in Combinatorial Optimization is a text for a one-semester introductory graduate-level course for students of operations research, mathematics, and computer science. It is a self-contained treatment of the subject, requiring only some mathematical maturity. Topics include: linear and ..
₦ 13,916
Interior Point Polynomial Algorithms in Convex Programming
Written for specialists working in optimization, mathematical programming, or control theory. The general theory of path-following and potential reduction interior point polynomial time methods, interior point methods, interior point methods for linear and quadratic programming, polynomial time meth..
₦ 29,856
Boolean Models and Methods in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering
This collection of papers presents a series of in-depth examinations of a variety of advanced topics related to Boolean functions and expressions. The chapters are written by some of the most prominent experts in their respective fields and cover topics ranging from algebra and propositional logic t..
₦ 40,375
Facts, Conjectures, and Improvements for Simulated Annealing
Simulated annealing has proved to be an easy and reliable method for finding optimal values of a problem in cases where there is no road map to possible solutions. Facts, Conjectures, and Improvements for Simulated Annealing offers an introduction to this topic for novices and provides an informativ..
₦ 17,106
Boolean Functions
Written by some of the most prominent experts in the field, this book provides the first comprehensive presentation of the theoretical, algorithmic and applied aspects of Boolean functions. It presents the fundamental elements of the theory (Boolean equations and satisfiability problems, prime impli..
₦ 35,594
Optimization and Nonsmooth Analysis
Mathematical Reviews said of this book that it was 'destined to become a classical reference.' This book has appeared in Russian translation and has been praised both for its lively exposition and its fundamental contributions. The author first develops a general theory of nonsmooth analysis and geo..
₦ 18,062