Statistics for econometrics, finance and insurance

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Probit Analysis
Originally published in 1947, this classic study by D. J. Finney was the first to examine and explain a branch of statistical method widely used in connection with the biological assay of insecticides, fungicides, drugs, vitamins, etc. It standardized the computations and terminology and made its us..
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Introductory Statistics with Applications in General Insurance
This is a new edition of a very successful introduction to statistical methods for general insurance practitioners. No prior statistical knowledge is assumed, and the mathematical level required is approximately equivalent to school mathematics. Whilst the book is primarily introductory, the authors..
₦ 16,150
Insurance Risk and Ruin
Based on the author's experience of teaching final-year actuarial students in Britain and Australia, and suitable for a first course in insurance risk theory, this book focuses on the two major areas of risk theory - aggregate claims distributions and ruin theory. For aggregate claims distributions,..
₦ 14,875
Life Contingencies
₦ 13,278
Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingent Risks
How can actuaries best equip themselves for the products and risk structures of the future? Using the powerful framework of multiple state models, three leaders in actuarial science give a modern perspective on life contingencies, and develop and demonstrate a theory that can be adapted to changing ..
₦ 18,062
Regression Modeling with Actuarial and Financial Applications
This text gives budding actuaries and financial analysts a foundation in multiple regression and time series. They will learn about these statistical techniques using data on the demand for insurance, lottery sales, foreign exchange rates, and other applications. Although no specific knowledge of ri..
₦ 16,469
Nonlife Actuarial Models
Actuaries must pass exams, but more than that: they must put knowledge into practice. This coherent book gives complete syllabus coverage for Exam C of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) while emphasizing the concepts and practical application of nonlife actuarial models. Ideal for those approaching the..
₦ 18,062
Logit Models from Economics and Other Fields
Logistic models are widely used in economics and other disciplines and are easily available as part of many statistical software packages. This text for graduates, practitioners and researchers in economics, medicine and statistics, which was originally published in 2003, explains the theory underly..
₦ 12,959
Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Data
This is the only book actuaries need to understand generalized linear models (GLMs) for insurance applications. GLMs are used in the insurance industry to support critical decisions. Until now, no text has introduced GLMs in this context or addressed the problems specific to insurance data. Using in..
₦ 27,625
Market-Valuation Methods in Life and Pension Insurance
In classical life insurance mathematics the obligations of the insurance company towards the policy holders were calculated on artificial conservative assumptions on mortality and interest rates. However, this approach is being superseded by developments in international accounting and solvency stan..
₦ 23,800