History of science

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Seven internationally renowned writers address the theme of Power from the perspective of their own disciplines. Energy expert Mary Archer begins with an exploration of the power sources of our future. Astronomer Neil Tyson leads a tour of the orders of magnitude in the cosmos. Mathematician and inv..
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An Introduction to Science Studies
The purpose of this book is to give a coherent account of the different perspectives on science and technology that are normally studied under various disciplinary heads such as philosophy of science, sociology of science and science policy. It is intended for students embarking on courses in these ..
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The Investigation of the Physical World
Originally published in Italian in 1976, this book describes the methods scientists use to investigate the physical world. It is ideal for students and teachers of science and the philosophy of science. It is both a high-level popularization and a critical appraisal of these methods, describing impo..
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Predicting the Future
Whether there is a future to predict is not a question many people care to think about too deeply, though the process of predicting the future has itself a history. We did not always predict from the same assumptions as we do now, or for the same reasons. Today, on the basis of empirical observation..
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Cambridge Scientific Minds
Since the 'scientific revolution' of the seventeenth century, a great number of distinguished scientists and mathematicians have been associated with the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Scientific Minds provides a portrait of some of the most eminent scientists associated with the University over..
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Reappraisals of the Scientific Revolution
This volume contains specialised essays, offering broad reflections on the Scientific Revolution, by a group of leading scholars actively engaged in the study of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century science. Although the volume's thirteen original essays display a wide variety of methods and approache..
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Poetry Realized in Nature
Poetry Realized in Nature shows Coleridge's method at work and, more generally, explores German philosophical science, Naturphilosophie, and the relations between science and romantic thought. It combines a biographical approach with intellectual history, reconstructing Coleridge's imaginative enter..
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Atoms, Pneuma, and Tranquillity
This volume examines the influence that Epicureanism and Stoicism, two philosophies of nature and human nature articulated during classical times, exerted on the development of European thought to the Enlightenment. Although the influence of these philosophies has often been noted in certain areas, ..
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Robert Boyle and the Limits of Reason
In this study of Robert Boyle's epistemology, Jan W. Wojcik reveals the theological context within which Boyle developed his views on reason's limits. After arguing that a correct interpretation of his views on 'things above reason' depends upon reading his works in the context of theological contro..
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Edwin Hubble, The Discoverer of the Big Bang Universe
This book is the first complete account of the scientific life and work of Edwin Hubble, whose discoveries firmly established the United States as the leading nation in observational astronomy. One of the outstanding astronomers of the twentieth century, Hubble discovered the expansion of the Univer..
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Innovation and the Rise of the Tunnelling Industry
This book studies the historical development of the tunnelling industry, with emphasis on the technical innovations on which advances in that industry have depended. The main part of the book comprises a detailed examination of the major technical advances in both hard rock and soft ground tunnellin..
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Telling Lives in Science
Images of scientists and ideas about science are often communicated to the public through historic biographies of eminent scientists, yet there has been little study of the development of scientific biography. Telling Lives brings together a collection of original essays by leading historians of sci..
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