Biological physics and soft matter physics

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Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms
This book addresses the molecular bases of some of the most important biochemical rhythms known at the cellular level. Clarifying the mechanism of these oscillatory phenomena is of key importance for understanding the origin as well as the physiological function of these rhythms, and the conditions ..
₦ 19,975
Cytoskeletal Mechanics
The purpose of this book is to present a full spectrum of views on current approaches to modeling cell mechanics. In part, this diversity of opinions stems from the different backgrounds of those who have contributed to the field. The authors of this book come from the biophysics, bioengineering, an..
₦ 18,700
Protein Condensation
The quest to understand the condensation of proteins from solutions is a rapidly evolving field. The purpose of this book is to bring to an interdisciplinary audience the state-of-the-art in current research. The first part of the book deals with issues related to the production of high quality prot..
₦ 32,725
Physics in Molecular Biology
Tools developed by statistical physicists are of increasing importance in the analysis of complex biological systems. Physics in Molecular Biology discusses how physics can be used in modeling life. It begins by summarizing important biological concepts, emphasizing how they differ from the systems ..
₦ 20,613
Self-Organized Biological Dynamics and Nonlinear Control
The growing impact of nonlinear science on biology and medicine is fundamentally changing our view of living organisms and disease processes. This book introduces the application to biomedicine of a broad range of interdisciplinary concepts from nonlinear dynamics, such as self-organization, complex..
₦ 20,931
Statistical Mechanics and Stability of Macromolecules
This book develops a statistical mechanical analysis of the stability of biological macromolecules. The author's approach is valid both for the long time-scale needed for DNA bond disruption, and also for highly co-operative transitions needed to explain helix melting. A new theoretical approach for..
₦ 14,872
Mechanics of the Cell
Aimed at senior undergraduates and graduate students in science and biomedical engineering, this text explores the architecture of a cell's envelope and internal scaffolding, and the properties of its soft components. The book first discusses the properties of individual flexible polymers, networks ..
₦ 21,569
Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo
During development cells and tissues undergo changes in pattern and form that employ a wider range of physical mechanisms than at any other time in an organism's life. This book shows how physics can be used to analyze these biological phenomena. Written to be accessible to both biologists and physi..
₦ 20,294
Methods in Molecular Biophysics
Our knowledge of biological macromolecules and their interactions is based on the application of physical methods, ranging from classical thermodynamics to recently developed techniques for the detection and manipulation of single molecules. These methods, which include mass spectrometry, hydrodynam..
₦ 24,437
The Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques
This state-of-the-art book reviews key issues and methods in medical image perception research through associated techniques, illustrations and examples. Written by key figures in the field, the book covers a range of topics including the history of medical image perception research, the basics of v..
₦ 43,563
Networks in Cell Biology
The science of complex biological networks is transforming research in areas ranging from evolutionary biology to medicine. This is the first book on the subject, providing a comprehensive introduction to complex network science and its biological applications. With contributions from key leaders in..
₦ 19,656