Computational science and modelling

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Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
Ab initio molecular dynamics revolutionized the field of realistic computer simulation of complex molecular systems and processes, including chemical reactions, by unifying molecular dynamics and electronic structure theory. This book provides the first coherent presentation of this rapidly growing ..
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An Introduction to the Modeling of Neural Networks
This text is a beginning graduate-level introduction to neural networks, focussing on current theoretical models, examining what these models can reveal about how the brain functions, and discussing the ramifications for psychology, artificial intelligence and the construction of a new generation of..
₦ 20,613
Introductory Computational Physics
Computers are one of the most important tools available to physicists, whether for calculating and displaying results, simulating experiments, or solving complex systems of equations. Introducing students to computational physics, this textbook shows how to use computers to solve mathematical proble..
₦ 10,091
Modeling Materials
Material properties emerge from phenomena on scales ranging from Angstroms to millimeters, and only a multiscale treatment can provide a complete understanding. Materials researchers must therefore understand fundamental concepts and techniques from different fields, and these are presented in a com..
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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics are foundational theories of many fields of science and engineering. This book presents a fresh perspective on these fundamental topics, connecting micro- and nanoscopic theories and emphasizing topics relevant to understanding solid-state thermo-mechanical beh..
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An Introduction to Computational Physics
Thoroughly revised for its second edition, this advanced textbook provides an introduction to the basic methods of computational physics, and an overview of progress in several areas of scientific computing by relying on free software available from CERN. The book begins by dealing with basic comput..
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The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
The extremely powerful technique of molecular dynamics simulation involves solving the classical many-body problem in contexts relevant to the study of matter at the atomistic level. Since there is no alternative approach capable of handling this extremely broad range of problems at the required lev..
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Scientific Computation
Using real-life applications, this graduate-level textbook introduces different mathematical methods of scientific computation to solve minimization problems using examples ranging from locating an aircraft, finding the best time to replace a computer, analyzing developments on the stock market, and..
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Computational Physics
This second edition describes the computational methods used in theoretical physics, and has been fully updated. New sections have been added to cover finite element methods and lattice Boltzmann simulation, density functional theory, quantum molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulation, and diagonali..
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