Plasma physics and fusion physics

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Principles of Plasma Diagnostics
This book provides a systematic introduction to the physics behind measurements on plasmas. It develops from first principles the concepts needed to plan, execute, and interpret plasma diagnostics. The book is therefore accessible to graduate students and professionals with little specific plasma ph..
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The Plasma Universe
Plasma physics is the fascinating science behind lightning bolts, fluorescent lights, solar flares, ultra-bright TV screens, fusion reactors, cosmic jets and black hole radiation, to name but a few examples. Research into this could lead to a source of unlimited, non-polluting energy. Yet plasmas ob..
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Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy
There has been an increase in interest worldwide in fusion research over the last decade due to the recognition that a large number of new, environmentally attractive, sustainable energy sources will be needed to meet ever increasing demand for electrical energy. Based on a series of course notes fr..
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Introduction to Plasma Physics
The emphasis of this text is on basic plasma theory, with applications to both space and laboratory plasmas. All mathematical concepts beyond those normally covered in an advanced calculus course are fully explained. Topics covered include single-particle motions, kinetic theory, magnetohydrodynamic..
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Instabilities in Space and Laboratory Plasmas
This book is an introductory account of instabilities in plasma. It concentrates on laboratory plasmas, such as those encountered in fusion research, and the space plasmas studied in physics of the magnetosphere and solar atmosphere. This account bridges the gap between a graduate textbook on plasma..
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A self-contained introduction to magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), with emphasis on nonlinear processes. Chapters 2 to 4 outline the conventional aspects of MHD theory, magnetostatic equilibrium and linear stability theory, which form a natural basis for the topics in the subsequent chapters. The main par..
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Plasma Physics: An Introductory Course
For the last thirty years, international summer schools in plasma physics have been held at Culham Laboratory, site of the Joint European Torus fusion project. This book has been developed from lectures given at these schools, and provides a wide-ranging introduction to the subject. The first few ch..
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Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
This rigorous explanation of plasmas is relevant to diverse plasma applications such as controlled fusion, astrophysical plasmas, solar physics, magnetospheric plasmas, and plasma thrusters. More thorough than previous texts, it exploits new powerful mathematical techniques to develop deeper insight..
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Modern Plasma Physics
This three-volume series presents the ideas, models and approaches essential to understanding plasma dynamics and self-organization for researchers and graduate students in plasma physics, controlled fusion and related fields such as plasma astrophysics. Volume I develops the physical kinetics of pl..
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Principles of Magnetohydrodynamics
This textbook provides a modern and accessible introduction to magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). It describes the two main applications of plasma physics, laboratory research on thermo-nuclear fusion energy and plasma astrophysics of the solar system, stars and accretion disks, from the single viewpoint o..
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Power Exhaust in Fusion Plasmas
Nuclear fusion research is entering a new phase, in which power exhaust will play a vital role. This book presents a complete and up-to-date summary of this emerging field of research in fusion plasmas, focusing on the leading tokamak concept. Emphasis is placed on rigorous theoretical development, ..
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Fusion: The Search for Endless Energy is the story of the international race to build the first atomic fusion reactor. It is the story of a fraternity of scientists, whose members included such greats as Andrei Sakharov and Edward Teller. Transcending political boundaries, their utopian mission was ..
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