Nonlinear science and fluid dynamics

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Noise in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Nature is inherently noisy and nonlinear. It is noisy in the sense that all macroscopic systems are subject to the fluctuations of their environments and also to internal fluctuations. It is nonlinear in the sense that the restoring force on a system displaced from equilibrium does not usually vary ..
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Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
The paradigm of deterministic chaos has influenced thinking in many fields of science. Chaotic systems show rich and surprising mathematical structures. In the applied sciences, deterministic chaos provides a striking explanation for irregular behaviour and anomalies in systems which do not seem to ..
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Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaotic and Complex Systems
The physics and mathematics of nonlinear dynamics and chaotic and complex systems constitute some of the most fascinating developments of late twentieth-century science. It turns out that chaotic behaviour can be understood, and even utilized, to a far greater degree than had been suspected. Surpris..
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Turbulence and Shell Models
Turbulence is a huge subject of ongoing research. This book bridges the modern development in dynamical systems theory and the theory of fully developed turbulence. Many solved and unsolved problems in turbulence have equivalencies in simple dynamical models, which are much easier to handle analytic..
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Nonlinear Resonance Analysis
Nonlinear resonance analysis is a unique mathematical tool that can be used to study resonances in relation to, but independently of, any single area of application. This is the first book to present the theory of nonlinear resonances as a new scientific field, with its own theory, computational met..
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Written five centuries after the first studies of Leonardo da Vinci and half a century after A.N. Kolmogorov's first attempt to predict the properties of flow, this textbook presents a modern account of turbulence, one of the greatest challenges in physics. "Fully developed turbulence" is ubiquitous..
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First recognized in 1665 by Christiaan Huygens, synchronization phenomena are abundant in science, nature, engineering and social life. Systems as diverse as clocks, singing crickets, cardiac pacemakers, firing neurons and applauding audiences exhibit a tendency to operate in synchrony. These phenom..
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Fluid Dynamics for Physicists
It is over three hundred and fifty years since Torricelli discovered the law obeyed by fountains, yet fluid dynamics remains an active and important branch of physics. This book provides an accessible and comprehensive account of the subject, emphasising throughout the fundamental physical principle..
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Introduction to Nonlinear Science
The aim of this book is to develop a unified approach to nonlinear science, which does justice to its multiple facets and to the diversity and richness of the concepts and tools developed in this field over the years. Nonlinear science emerged in its present form following a series of closely relate..
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Thermodynamics of Chaotic Systems
This book deals with the various thermodynamic concepts used for the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems. The most important invariants used to characterize chaotic systems are introduced in a way that stresses the interconnections with thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Among the subject..
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Chaos, Dynamics, and Fractals
This book develops deterministic chaos and fractals from the standpoint of iterated maps, but the emphasis makes it very different from all other books in the field. It provides the reader with an introduction to more recent developments, such as weak universality, multifractals, and shadowing, as w..
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Turbulence and Random Processes in Fluid Mechanics
Fluid flow turbulence is a phenomenon of great importance in many fields of engineering and science. Turbulence and related areas have continued to be subjects of intensive research over the last century. In this second edition of their successful textbook Professors Landahl and Mollo-Christensen ha..
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