Atomic physics, molecular physics and chemical physics

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Scientific Papers 6 Volume Paperback Set
Lord Rayleigh was justifiably renowned for the breadth, clarity and quality of his work, which has had a continuing impact on many fields of modern science. These six chronologically-arranged volumes collect the scientific papers written during his long and distinguished career from 1869 to 1919. Hi..
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Photodissociation Dynamics
Photodissociation induced by the absorption of single photons permits the detailed study of molecular dynamics such as the breaking of bonds, internal energy transfer and radiationless transitions. The availability of powerful lasers operating over a wide frequency range has stimulated rapid develop..
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Scientific Papers
This volume of Lord Rayleigh's collected papers begins with a brief 1892 piece in which the author addresses the troubling discrepancies between the apparent density of nitrogen derived from different sources. Intrigued by this anomaly and by earlier observations by Cavendish, Rayleigh investigated ..
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Collision-induced Absorption in Gases
This book reviews the present knowledge of collision-induced absorption of infrared radiation in the dense, common gases. Following a brief introduction and review of essential background information, such as dipole radiation, molecular collisions and interactions, numerous experimental results for ..
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Electron Correlation Dynamics in Atomic Collisions
This graduate/research level text introduces the theory of multi-electron transitions in atomic, molecular and optical physics, emphasising the emerging topic of dynamic electron correlation. The book begins with an overview of simple binomial probabilities, classical scattering theory, quantum scat..
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Many-Body Atomic Physics
This introduction to the field of many-body atomic physics is suitable for researchers and graduate students. Drawing from three major subject areas, atomic structure, atomic photoionization, and electron-atom collisions, this book begins with an introduction to many-body diagrams, and continues wit..
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Chaos in Atomic Physics
This book describes the manifestations of chaos in atoms and molecules. The study of chaos is today one of the most active and prolific areas in atomic physics. This is the first attempt to provide a coherent introduction to this fascinating area. In line with its scope, the book is divided into two..
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Theoretical Atomic Spectroscopy
This monograph presents a complete guide to the theory of modern spectroscopy of atoms. Atomic spectroscopy continues to be one of the most important subjects of contemporary physics. The book describes the contemporary state of the theory of many-electron atoms and ions, the peculiarities of their ..
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Theory of Molecular Rydberg States
Molecular Rydberg states have many unusual properties, lending themselves to a diverse range of experimental applications. This book is designed to unravel the mysteries of molecular Rydberg states that lie beyond the scope of accepted spectroscopic theories. It is the first single-authored text to ..
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Electron-Atom Collisions
This book is a comprehensive introduction to electron-atom collisions, covering both theory and experiment. The interaction of electrons with atoms is the field that most deeply probes both the structure and reaction dynamics of a many-body system. The book begins with a short account of experimenta..
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Cold and Ultracold Collisions in Quantum Microscopic and Mesoscopic Systems
Cold and ultracold collisions occupy a strategic position at the intersection of several powerful themes of current research in chemical physics, in atomic, molecular and optical physics, and even in condensed matter. The nature of these collisions has important consequences for optical manipulation..
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An Introduction to the Kinetic Theory of Gases
This book can be described as a student's edition of the author's Dynamical Theory of Gases. It is written, however, with the needs of the student of physics and physical chemistry in mind, and those parts of which the interest was mainly mathematical have been discarded. This does not mean that the..
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