Cosmology, relativity and gravitation

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Approaches to Numerical Relativity
This volume includes contributions by leading workers in the field given at the workshop on Numerical Relativity held in Southampton in December 1991. Numerical Relativity, or the numerical solution of astrophysical problems using powerful computers to solve Einstein's equations, has grown rapidly o..
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Dynamical Systems in Cosmology
This authoritative volume shows how modern dynamical systems theory can help us in understanding the evolution of cosmological models. It also compares this approach with Hamiltonian methods and numerical studies. A major part of the book deals with the spatially homogeneous (Bianchi) models and the..
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Gravitational N-Body Simulations
This book discusses in detail all the relevant numerical methods for the classical N-body problem. It demonstrates how to develop clear and elegant algorithms for models of gravitational systems, and explains the fundamental mathematical tools needed to describe the dynamics of a large number of mut..
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Particle Dark Matter
Dark matter is among the most important open problems in modern physics. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, this book describes the theoretical and experimental aspects of the dark matter problem in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Featuring contributions from 48 leading theori..
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Bubbles, Voids and Bumps in Time
In the last decade, advances made in observational instruments and computational techniques have allowed astronomers to look both deeper into space and, by implication, further back into time to construct new scenarios for the probable beginning and possible end of the cosmos. Ironically, each new d..
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Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions
This timely volume provides a broad survey of (2+1)-dimensional quantum gravity. It emphasises the 'quantum cosmology' of closed universes and the quantum mechanics of the (2+1)-dimensional black hole. It compares and contrasts a variety of approaches, and examines what they imply for a realistic th..
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Approaches to Quantum Gravity
The theory of quantum gravity promises a revolutionary new understanding of gravity and spacetime, valid from microscopic to cosmological distances. Research in this field involves an exciting blend of rigorous mathematics and bold speculations, foundational questions and technical issues. Containin..
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A Relativist's Toolkit
This textbook fills a gap in the literature on general relativity by providing the advanced student with practical tools for the computation of many physically interesting quantities. The context is provided by the mathematical theory of black holes, one of the most elegant, successful, and relevant..
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Quantum Gravity
Quantum gravity is perhaps the most important open problem in fundamental physics. It is the problem of merging quantum mechanics and general relativity, the two great conceptual revolutions in the physics of the twentieth century. The loop and spinfoam approach, presented in this book, is one of th..
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The Internal Constitution of the Stars
The publication of The Internal Constitution of the Stars by Arthur Eddington in 1926 was a major landmark in the development of modern theoretical astrophysics. Not only did Eddington effectively create the discipline of the structure, constitution, and the evolution of the stars, but he also recog..
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Time, Space and Things
There are some wonderfully bizarre ideas in physics, and it seems a pity to keep them locked up in small boxes, available only to an esoteric coterie of key holders. Brian Ridley's book sets out to survey in simple, non-mathematical terms what physics has to say about the fundamental structure of th..
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Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity
Aimed at advanced undergraduates with background knowledge of classical mechanics and electricity and magnetism, this textbook presents both the particle dynamics relevant to general relativity, and the field dynamics necessary to understand the theory. Focusing on action extremization, the book dev..
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