Mathematical modeling and methods

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Modelling with Differential and Difference Equations
The theme of this book is modeling the real world using mathematics. The authors concentrate on the techniques used to set up mathematical models and describe many systems in full detail, covering both differential and difference equations in depth. Among the broad spectrum of topics studied in this..
₦ 26,350
Mathematics for Economics and Finance
Without expecting any particular background of the reader, this book covers graphs and relations, sequences and limits, partial derivatives, optimization, vectors, and matrix algebra. Throughout, the stress is firmly on how the mathematics relates to economics, and this is illustrated with copious e..
₦ 24,437
Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom
Environmental Mathematics seeks to marry the most pressing challenge of our time with the most powerful technology of our time - mathematics. This book does this at an elementary level and demonstrates a wide variety of significant environmental applications that can be explored without resorting to..
₦ 24,437
Perturbation Methods
In this book the author presents the theory and techniques underlying perturbation methods in a manner that will make the book widely appealing to readers in a broad range of disciplines. Methods of algebraic equations, asymptotic expansions, integrals, PDEs, strained coordinates, and multiple scale..
₦ 20,613
A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics
This textbook, available in two volumes, has been developed from a course taught at Harvard over the last decade. The course covers principally the theory and physical applications of linear algebra and of the calculus of several variables, particularly the exterior calculus. The authors adopt the '..
₦ 32,087
Mathematics for Industry
This collection of papers is a novel publication for SIAM. It is, first and foremost, a forum for leading industrial and government scientists and engineers to describe their work and what they hope to accomplish over the next decade. The goal is to focus the mathematical community on research that ..
₦ 36,869
Mathematical Problems in the Biological Sciences
This book represents a small and highly selective sample of the quantitative approach to biology. The author encourages the reader to disseminate further the cause of mathematics applied to the biological sciences...
₦ 15,194
Calculus: Concepts and Methods
This second edition of a text for a course on calculus of functions of several variables begins with basics of matrices and vectors and a chapter recalling the important points of the theory in one dimension. It then introduces partial derivatives via functions of two variables and then extends the ..
₦ 31,450
Industrial Mathematics
The focus in this text is on mathematical modelling stimulated by contemporary industrial problems involving heat conduction and mass diffusion. These include continuous metal casting, laser drilling, spontaneous combustion of industrial waste, water filtration and crop irrigation. The industrial pr..
₦ 22,841
Introduction to the Mathematics of Medical Imaging
At the heart of every medical imaging technology is a sophisticated mathematical model of the measurement process and an algorithm to reconstruct an image from the measured data. This book provides a firm foundation in the mathematical tools used to model the measurements and derive the reconstructi..
₦ 36,869
An Introduction to Catastrophe Theory
An introduction to catastrophe theory, a mathematical theory which deals with those changes which occur abruptly rather than smoothly. Includes many applications to illustrate the different ways in which catastrophe can be used in life, physical and social sciences...
₦ 18,700
Vectors in Three-Dimensional Space
This book deals with vector algebra and analysis and with their application to three-dimensional geometry and the analysis of fields in three dimensions. While many treatments of the application of vectors have approached the fundamentals of the subject intuitively, assuming some prior knowledge of ..
₦ 18,700