Mathematical biology

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An Introduction to the Mathematics of Neurons
This book describes signal processing aspects of neural networks, how we receive and assess information. Beginning with a presentation of the necessary background material in electronic circuits, mathematical modeling and analysis, signal processing, and neurosciences, it proceeds to applications. T..
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Applied Mathematical Models in Human Physiology
This book introduces mathematicians to real applications from physiology. Using mathematics to analyze physiological systems, the authors discuss models reflecting current research in cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology. In particular, they present models describing blood flow in the heart and t..
₦ 22,206
Mathematical Methods of Population Biology
This introduction to mathematical methods that are useful for studying population phenomena is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and will be accessible to scientists who do not have a strong mathematics background. The material is graded in mathematical difficulty. The earli..
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Genealogical Genetic Structure
Although the long-term processes of evolution are selection and mutation, the infrastructure of a population is a no less important force in determining the distributions of genetic characteristics observable within populations. In small populations, and in particular in human populations, complex p..
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A Course in Mathematical Biology
This is the only book that teaches all aspects of modern mathematical modeling and that is specifically designed to introduce undergraduate students to problem solving in the context of biology. Included is an integrated package of theoretical modeling and analysis tools, computational modeling tech..
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The Theory of the Chemostat
The chemostat is a basic piece of laboratory apparatus, yet it has occupied an increasingly central role in ecological studies. The ecological environment created by a chemostat is one of the few completely controlled experimental systems for testing microbial growth and competition. As a tool in bi..
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Mathematics of Genome Analysis
The massive research effort known as the Human Genome Project is an attempt to record the sequence of the three trillion nucleotides that make up the human genome and to identify individual genes within this sequence. While the basic effort is of course a biological one, the description and classifi..
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Phyllotaxis, the study of the patterns exhibited by leaves and other organs of plants, raises some of the deepest questions of plant morphogenesis. What principles of biological organisation produce these dynamical geometric systems? The constant occurrence of the Fibonacci sequence in such systems ..
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Biological Delay Systems
In studying the dynamics of populations, whether of animals, plants or cells, it is crucial to allow for intrinsic delays, due to such things as gestation, maturation or transport. This book is concerned with one of the fundamental questions in the analysis of the effect of delays, namely determinin..
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Mathematical Ecology of Plant Species Competition
Presented in this document is a class of deterministic models describing the dynamics of two plant species whose characteristics are common to the majority of annual plants that have a seedbank. Formulated in terms of elementary dynamical systems, these models were developed in response to four majo..
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Mathematical Aspects of Hodgkin-Huxley Neural Theory
This book is an introduction to the study of mathematical models of electrically active cells, which play an essential role in, for example, nerve conduction and cardiac functions. This is an important and vigorously researched field. In the book, Dr Cronin synthesizes and reviews this material and ..
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Biological Kinetics
As interest in theoretical biology grows, so does the need for an accessible link between these theories and experiments. The central purpose of this book is to illustrate the premise that examination of the kinetics of biological processes can give valuable information concerning the underlying mec..
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