Real and complex analysis

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Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry
The articles in this volume cover some developments in complex analysis and algebraic geometry. The book is divided into three parts. Part I includes topics in the theory of algebraic surfaces and analytic surface. Part II covers topics in moduli and classification problems, as well as structure the..
₦ 14,553
An Introduction to Involutive Structures
Detailing the main methods in the theory of involutive systems of complex vector fields this book examines the major results from the last twenty five years in the subject. One of the key tools of the subject - the Baouendi-Treves approximation theorem - is proved for many function spaces. This in t..
₦ 25,394
Certain nonlinear optimization problems arising in such disparate areas as the theory of computation, pure and applied probability and mathematical physics, can be solved by linear methods, provided one replaces the usual number system with one in which addition satisfies the idempotent law. This sy..
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The Mountain Pass Theorem
Variational methods are very powerful techniques in nonlinear analysis and are extensively used. They are extensively used in many disciplines of pure and applied mathematics (including ordinary and partial differential equations, mathematical physics, gauge theory, geometrical analysis). This book ..
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Geometric Tomography
Geometric tomography deals with the retrieval of information about a geometric object from data concerning its projections (shadows) on planes or cross-sections by planes. It is a geometric relative of computerized tomography, which reconstructs an image from X-rays of a human patient. The subject o..
₦ 19,656
A Course of Modern Analysis
This classic text is known to and used by thousands of mathematicians and students of mathematics throughout the world. It gives an introduction to the general theory of infinite processes and of analytic functions together with an account of the principal transcendental functions...
₦ 22,525
Excursions in Calculus
The purpose of this book is to explore the rich and elegant interplay that exists between the two main currents of mathematics, the continuous and the discrete. Such fundamental notions in discrete mathematics as induction, recursion, combinatorics, number theory, discrete probability, and the algor..
₦ 15,194
A First Course in Mathematical Analysis
Mathematical Analysis (often called Advanced Calculus) is generally found by students to be one of their hardest courses in Mathematics. This text uses the so-called sequential approach to continuity, differentiability and integration to make it easier to understand the subject.Topics that are gener..
₦ 14,872
A Course of Pure Mathematics Centenary edition
There are few textbooks of mathematics as well-known as Hardy's Pure Mathematics. Since its publication in 1908, this classic book has inspired successive generations of budding mathematicians at the beginning of their undergraduate courses. In its pages, Hardy combines the enthusiasm of the mission..
₦ 14,234
Numerical Methods for Special Functions
Special functions arise in many problems of pure and applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, physics, and engineering. This book provides an overview of numerical methods for computing special functions and discusses when to use these methods depending on the function and the range of paramete..
₦ 25,713
A Course in Modern Analysis and its Applications
Designed for one-semester courses at the senior undergraduate level, this book will appeal to mathematics undergraduates, to mathematics teachers, and to others who need to learn some mathematical analysis for use in other areas such as engineering, physics, biology or finance. Topics such as comple..
₦ 16,788
Elementary Real Analysis
This textbook covers all the theoretical aspects of real variable analysis which undergraduates reading mathematics are likely to require during the first two or three years of their course. It is based on lecture courses which the author has given in the universities of Wales, Cambridge and London...
₦ 12,641