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Introduction to Categories, Homological Algebra and Sheaf Cohomology
Categories, homological algebra, sheaves and their cohomology furnish useful methods for attacking problems in a variety of mathematical fields. This textbook provides an introduction to these methods, describing their elements and illustrating them by examples...
₦ 12,003
Representation Theory of Artin Algebras
This book serves as a comprehensive introduction to the representation theory of Artin algebras, a branch of algebra. Written by three distinguished mathematicians, it illustrates how the theory of almost split sequences is utilized within representation theory. The authors develop several foundatio..
₦ 32,087
Representation Theory of Finite Reductive Groups
At the crossroads of representation theory, algebraic geometry and finite group theory, this book blends together many of the main concerns of modern algebra, synthesising the past 25 years of research, with full proofs of some of the most remarkable achievements in the area. Cabanes and Enguehard f..
₦ 36,550
Codes and Automata
This major revision of Berstel and Perrin's classic Theory of Codes has been rewritten with a more modern focus and a much broader coverage of the subject. The concept of unambiguous automata, which is intimately linked with that of codes, now plays a significant role throughout the book, reflecting..
₦ 29,219
Geometric and Cohomological Methods in Group Theory
Geometric group theory is a vibrant subject at the heart of modern mathematics. It is currently enjoying a period of rapid growth and great influence marked by a deepening of its fertile interactions with logic, analysis and large-scale geometry, and striking progress has been made on classical prob..
₦ 27,944
Geometric Galois Actions
This book surveys progress in the domains described in the hitherto unpublished manuscript 'Esquisse d'un Programme' (Sketch of a Program) by Alexander Grothendieck. It will be of wide interest amongst workers in algebraic geometry, number theory, algebra and topology...
₦ 21,888
Exploratory Galois Theory
Combining a concrete perspective with an exploration-based approach, Exploratory Galois Theory develops Galois theory at an entirely undergraduate level. The text grounds the presentation in the concept of algebraic numbers with complex approximations and assumes of its readers only a first course i..
₦ 13,597
Finite Fields
The theory of finite fields is a branch of algebra that has come to the fore because of its diverse applications in such areas as combinatorics, coding theory and the mathematical study of switching ciruits. This book is devoted entirely to the theory of finite fields, and it provides comprehensive ..
₦ 29,219
Moonshine - The First Quarter Century and Beyond
The theory of 'Monstrous Moonshine' has been a major development in mathematics since 1979. Beginning with remarkable conjectures relating finite group theory and number theory that stimulated an outpouring of new ideas, 'Monstrous Moonshine' deeply involves many different areas of mathematics, as w..
₦ 19,656
Introduction to Matrix Analysis
Long considered to be a classic in its field, this was the first book in English to include three basic fields of the analysis of matrices - symmetric matrices and quadratic forms, matrices and differential equations, and positive matrices and their use in probability theory and mathematical economi..
₦ 20,772
Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry
This book contains seven lectures delivered at The Maurice Auslander Memorial Conference at Brandeis University in March 1995. The variety of topics covered at the conference reflects the breadth of Maurice Auslander's contribution to mathematics, including commutative algebra and algebraic geometry..
₦ 16,147
Presentations of Groups
Emphasizing computational techniques, this book provides an accessible and lucid introduction to combinatorial group theory. Rigorous proofs of all theorems and a light, informal style make Presentations of Groups a self-contained combinatorics class. Numerous and diverse exercises provide readers w..
₦ 22,206