Number theory

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Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer's mathematical career encompasses more than 60 years' work of amazing creativity. This volume provides contemporary insight into several subjects in which Sir Peter's influence has been notable, and is dedicated to his 75th birthday. The opening section reviews some of his ..
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Introductory Algebraic Number Theory
Algebraic number theory is a subject which came into being through the attempts of mathematicians to try to prove Fermat's last theorem and which now has a wealth of applications to diophantine equations, cryptography, factoring, primality testing and public-key cryptosystems. This book provides an ..
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Ranks of Elliptic Curves and Random Matrix Theory
Random matrix theory is an area of mathematics first developed by physicists interested in the energy levels of atomic nuclei, but it can also be used to describe some exotic phenomena in the number theory of elliptic curves. The purpose of this book is to illustrate this interplay of number theory ..
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A Higher-Dimensional Sieve Method
As probability and combinatorics have penetrated the fabric of mathematical activity, sieve methods have become more versatile and sophisticated and in recent years have played a part in some of the most spectacular mathematical discoveries. Nearly a hundred years have passed since Viggo Brun invent..
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Introduction to Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory
This is a self-contained introduction to analytic methods in number theory, assuming on the part of the reader only what is typically learned in a standard undergraduate degree course. It offers to students and those beginning research a systematic and consistent account of the subject but will also..
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Sieve Methods, Exponential Sums, and their Applications in Number Theory
This volume comprises the proceedings of the 1995 Cardiff symposium on sieve methods, exponential sums, and their applications in number theory. Included are contributions from many leading international figures in this area which encompasses the main branches of analytic number theory. In particula..
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Multiplicative Number Theory I
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Hilbert's Tenth Problem
In the late sixties Matiyasevich, building on the work of Davis, Putnam and Robinson, showed that there was no algorithm to determine whether a polynomial equation in several variables and with integer coefficients has integer solutions. Hilbert gave finding such an algorithm as problem number ten o..
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The Hardy-Littlewood Method
The Hardy-Littlewood method is a means of estimating the number of integer solutions of equations and was first applied to Waring's problem on representations of integers by sums of powers. This introduction to the method deals with its classical forms and outlines some of the more recent developmen..
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A Pathway Into Number Theory
Number theory is concerned with the properties of the natural numbers: 1, 2, 3 … During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, number theory became established through the work of Fermat, Euler and Gauss. With the hand calculators and computers of today the results of extensive numerical work are..
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Number Theory
The contributions in this book are based on the lectures delivered at the Seminaire de theorie des nombres de Paris during the academic year 93–94. It is the fifteenth annual volume. This book covers the whole spectrum of number theory, and is composed of contributions from some of the best speciali..
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Elliptic Functions
In its first six chapters this text seeks to present the basic ideas and properties of the Jacobi elliptic functions as an historical essay, an attempt to answer the fascinating question: 'what would the treatment of elliptic functions have been like if Abel had developed the ideas, rather than Jaco..
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