Discrete mathematics, information theory and coding

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Tolerance Graphs
The study of algorithmic graph theory and structured families of graphs is an important branch of discrete mathematics. It finds numerous applications, from data transmission through networks to efficiently scheduling aircraft and crews, as well as contributing to breakthroughs in genetic analysis a..
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Combinatorics of Finite Geometries
Combinatorics of Finite Geometries is an introductory text on the combinatorial theory of finite geometry. Assuming only a basic knowledge of set theory and analysis, it provides a thorough review of the topic and leads the student to results at the frontiers of research. This book begins with an el..
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Stable Groups
The study of stable groups connects model theory, algebraic geometry and group theory. It analyses groups which possess a certain very general dependence relation (Shelah's notion of 'forking'), and tries to derive structural properties from this. These may be group-theoretic (nilpotency or solubili..
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Geometry, Combinatorial Designs and Related Structures
This volume presents up-to-date research on finite geometries and designs, a key area in modern applicable mathematics. An introductory chapter discusses topics presented in each of the main chapters, and is followed by articles from leading international figures in this field. These include a discu..
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Surveys in Combinatorics, 1997
This volume contains the invited lectures given at the Sixteenth British Combinatorial Conference, held in July 1997 at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. This biennial conference is a well-established international event, with speakers from all over the world. Contained here is..
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Eigenspaces of Graphs
Current research on the spectral theory of finite graphs may be seen as part of a wider effort to forge closer links between algebra and combinatorics (in particular between linear algebra and graph theory).This book describes how this topic can be strengthened by exploiting properties of the eigens..
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Zeta Functions of Graphs
Graph theory meets number theory in this stimulating book. Ihara zeta functions of finite graphs are reciprocals of polynomials, sometimes in several variables. Analogies abound with number-theoretic functions such as Riemann/Dedekind zeta functions. For example, there is a Riemann hypothesis (which..
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Combinatorics and Probability
Combinatorics is an area of mathematics involving an impressive breadth of ideas, and it encompasses topics ranging from codes and circuit design to algorithmic complexity and algebraic graph theory. In a highly distinguished career Béla Bollobás has made, and continues to make, many significant con..
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Infinite Electrical Networks
This book presents the salient features of the general theory of infinite electrical networks in a coherent exposition. Using the basic tools of functional analysis and graph theory, the author examines the fundamental developments in the field and discusses applications to other areas of mathematic..
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An Introduction to the Theory of Graph Spectra
This introductory text explores the theory of graph spectra: a topic with applications across a wide range of subjects, including computer science, quantum chemistry and electrical engineering. The spectra examined here are those of the adjacency matrix, the Seidel matrix, the Laplacian, the normali..
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The Art of Mathematics
Can a Christian escape from a lion? How quickly can a rumour spread? Can you fool an airline into accepting oversize baggage? Recreational mathematics is full of frivolous questions where the mathematician's art can be brought to bear. But play often has a purpose. In mathematics, it can sharpen ski..
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The Theory of Information and Coding
This is a revised edition of McEliece's classic, published with students in mind. It is a self-contained introduction to all basic results in the theory of information and coding. This theory was developed to deal with the fundamental problem of communication, that of reproducing at one point, eithe..
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